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Pirate Door Guard is a fighter class pirate posted at the doorway to Desharik's Estate in Brynnlaw. The only way to get inside the Estate is if this doorman allows passage. The door cannot be lock picked, nor is there a key, and the door cannot be opened with a Knock spell or forced.

Go away. The Pirate Lord sees no one without appointment.


When the party speaks to the guard (and they should), he'll basically say that you can't see the Pirate Lord Desharik without an appointment. However, if you have certain information gained as part of the Getting inside the asylum quest, then more dialogue options will open up. All in all, you can drop a few names, or just bribe the guard, and he'll let the party in. The guard really never threatens the party or isn't open to answering how to get inside to see the Pirate Lord.

If the party decides to commit murder on the streets of Brynnlaw, and slay this guard - then go ahead and do so. Role play in the manner desired. On the other hand, the guard has the GPSHOUT script - which means he'll be yellin' for help. If the doorman is killed before letting the party into the Estate, then that avenue is gone for the party permanently. Conversely, if the guard is bribed for 300 gold and then killed, the door is open and the bribe can be recovered from the dead guard's body. There is no reputation loss for this.

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Installation of the Sword Coast Stratagems Mod makes some minor changes to the pirate's weapon proficiencies. Some SCS random treasure is also added to the creature's inventory.