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Phlydia's Book, also known as Phlydia's History of Halruaa,[1] is a side quest during the Prologue of Baldur's Gate.

Dear, absent-minded Phlydia has lost another of her books, "The History of Halruaa," this time. Last time she was at Candlekeep, she lost an entire four-volume set in the hay we keep for the cows.

— Journal: Phlydia's Book[2]


Phlydia (Prologue) BG1EE

The quest can be acquired by speaking to Phlydia, a little northeast of the Candlekeep Inn, who asks Gorion's Ward to bring her back her copy of the History of Halruaa if they find it. She was getting "a bit of fresh air just east of here,"[3] but doesn't exactly remember if she visited "the cows this time."[4]

Heading into the mentioned direction – past the first three cows – and addressing Dreppin, who's standing with one cow at a hay shed between the priests' quarters and the temple of Oghma, he will explain that "Phlydia left one of her books"[5][6] and that "it's in the hay."[5]

Note: The order in which Phlydia and Dreppin are spoken to doesn't alter the exchange of dialogue. However, if the book was already found or even returned, Dreppin reacts differently.

The book is found in a hay bale on the left side of the shed. Returning it to Phlydia yields experience and possibly (see below) a Lynx Eye Gem – which could instead be pickpocketed(50) from her.


The exact reward and the final journal entry depend on Phlydia's reaction to the character who returns the book.

Reaction 7 or lower
In classic form, Phlydia almost seemed to have forgotten that she had sent me in search of her book in the first place. Oh well, I guess there's more to a favor than the reward at its end.

— Journal: Phlydia's Book (Finished)[7]

Reaction 8 or higher
Poor, absent-minded Phlydia gave me a gem for returning her lost book. Candlekeep, it seems, continues to defy all laws of economics: The more books it holds, the more valuable they become to those who read them. The greater the supply, the greater the demand... Bah, all this thinking is making my head hurt. Time to pawn this gem and get something useful for it.

— Journal: Phlydia's Book (Finished)[8]


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