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Phlydia is a reasonably-powerful, albeit absent-minded female Halruaan mage.

During the Prologue, she is found standing close to a triangular, quonset hut-type structure that's located near the Candlekeep Inn. When approached, she tells Gorion's Ward that she forgot where she left her book and that she would like to get it back.

During Chapter Six Phlydia is found in front of the Candlekeep Library, still a tad confused as always.

She'll be found one more time on the first level of the Candlekeep Catacombs, not to far from the exit to the second level. However, this time she's really a doppelganger in disguise. After a brief dialogue, the doppelganger will transform and attack.



(No replies are possible)

"Oh, hello! Hey, have you seen my copy of "The History of Halruaa" anywhere? You know how I can't stand the constant shuffling of arthritic feet up in the library... So I thought I'd get a bit of fresh air just east of here and... Oh, I hate being so absent-minded! Please, if you find it, I really do need it back."

When you return with the book:

(Charisma ≥ 8)
"My book! Oh, you remind me of Gorion when you grin like that. Raising you has been hard on him, I know, but he says it's a toil of love, a toil of destiny, even. You must be a very special child, indeed, to draw such praise from a man of his silent nature... Here, take this little gem of mine. Maybe Winthrop will give you a little something for it."
(Charisma ≤ 7)
"Oh, thanks. It was by the cows again, wasn't it... Hmm, yes, where was I?"

If you speak to Phlydia without the book:

"No luck, huh? Did I go visit the cows this time? Oh, I can never remember."

Any further conversation attempt:

"Now, what was I doing again?"

Chapter Six[]

"Oh! Why hello. Have you seen my book? Wait. No, you found that already, didn't you? Oh, I just don't know anymore. You haven't been around lately, have you..."

1- No, I haven't been back since Gorion died...
"Gorion! Why yes, of course! I'm sorry, I've made a boor of myself again... Gorion was a good and wise sage and he obviously raised you with better manners than I would have been able to."
2- Never change, Phlydia. We love you just the way you are.
"Why, that's enough to make an old woman blush. Gorion sure raised a charmer in you."
3- No, I've been out investigating the iron crisis.
"Iron crisis? We have an iron crisis? Quick, someone had better notify the Gatewarden!"

Any further conversation attempt:

" My book... Do I have it or don't I?"


My book! You stole my book, you curr! Thsssss!

Side quests[]