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Two Philosophers, one an Innocent Beggar, the other a Nobleman can be encountered in Trademeet's Marketplace during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign.

These two are engaged in, what else, a philosophical debate about "the correct way to approach life." The debate inevitably ends in violence when the Noble Philosopher orders his man Huntley to kill the Beggar Philosopher. The party may allow the murder to take place, or intervene.

If Keldorn is in the party, he will object via the following comment and then attack Huntley: "Regardless of your debate, I will not allow the weak to be preyed upon. Call your man back, sir, or I shall be forced to intervene!"

If Minsc is in the party, he will be incensed. "He attacks? Such a display of wrongness fills even Boo with disgust! For my hamster, I must land a blow for goodness!" at which point, he attacks Huntley.

If Huntley is slain, he is worth 480 XP and drops average random treasure along with mundane arms and armor. The Noble Philosopher is only worth 15 XP if slain (no reputation loss). Killing the Beggar Philosopher results in a Reputation loss as per murdering an innocent, only granting 15 XP, no gold, and no items.


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The Great Debate[]

The following might contain spoilers!
Beggar: "I am telling you, my brother...the correct way to approach life is to accept its travails. One must bend as the willow and see the obstacles that gods place in front of you as challenges to be overcome."

Noble: "Don't be moronic. You must struggle! Through struggle we grow stronger! Only the strong survive! And I'm not your brother."

Beggar: "Strength comes through wisdom and must be flexible to accept the things that come. Struggle only brings futility, my son."

Noble: "Struggle and adversity bring strength, not futility! War and violence weed out the weak and unhealthy, strengthening all! And I'm not your son."

Beggar: "War and violence are the recourse of the weak-minded, my friend. When they occur, it is as a result of failure rather than success."

Noble: "Bah! Let me show you what comes out of that philosophy, 'friend'! Huntley?"

Huntley: "Yeah, boss?"

Noble: "Show him what becomes of his philosophy."

Huntley: "Right, boss."

Huntley: "Away with you!" (Huntley attacks Beggar Philosopher)

Beggar: Death


If the Beggar Philosopher is killed:

Noble: "Well, now I suppose you were right, after all. Dead right. Hah ha! But I get the last word. Come, Huntley...let's go."

If you kill Huntley and the Beggar Philosopher survived:

Noble: "Oh, phooey. Spoil my fun, will you? And I was winning that argument, too."

Beggar: "Now I hope you know all that violence was completely unneccessary. You've rather invalidated my entire argument!"