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Permidion Stark is a thief, who can be found lurking around High Hedge.

When approached, he will complain about how noisy your party is being, and then inform you that he intends to pull off 'the greatest heist of all time' by robbing Thalantyr the Conjurer at High Hedge Estate.

If you answer option 1 he will change his mind and back out of the heist, telling you about Thalantyr's Flesh Golems in the process. This is somehow considered worthy of an untitled entry in the Journal section your journal. The entry appears there even if the golems are already killed, though.

Okay, okay, here's the thing. There's a big-time mage living just over that rise. Magic items scattered all over the place, I'm betting... Trouble is, he's got these two hideous flesh monsters guarding him and no shadows where I can lurk! Brute force is useless against the monsters, everything is useless. There must be a way to outwit the witless, but damned if I know how...Ah hell. I guess I'd be better off just finding a halfling village somewhere to pick on. This dive is all yours.

— Permidion Stark abandons his planned heist

If you answer option 2 he'll indignantly walk away.

Fine, then. I'll let you take care of that noble and legal stuff and I'll get on with being a thief. Now get lost.



  • Journal Section: Journal
  • Untitled
  • Entry:

    It seems I have accidentally altered the course of future history by stumbling upon the thief, Permidion Stark, as he was planning, in his words, "the greatest heist of all time." His will and concentration broken, he has left me here to ponder the situation... A powerful mage apparently lives nearby, guarded by horrid flesh-beasts. Stark claimed they were too tough to kill but that there might be a way to lure them away from the action. Ah well, I can cross that bridge when I come to it.