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Perform Bodhi's Tasks to Receive Her Aid is the main quest of Chapter 3 if you've sided with Bodhi and her vampire guild instead of Aran Linvail and the Shadow Thieves. There are three sub-quests that must be performed in order for the party to receive Bodhi's help in reaching the island of Brynnlaw.

Note: Make sure you have made all the purchases you want from Arledrian as he'll become hostile once you side with Bodhi

Your initial meeting with Bodhi in the Graveyard district leads to the following Journal entry in the quest section:

I have paid Bodhi's fee and been granted access to her lair beneath the Graveyard District. My first assignment is to intercept a shipment of goods in the Docks District. I will likely have to dispatch whoever has been sent to receive it, but that is nothing new to me.


Go down to the south end of the Docks District at night and look for Mook at the Shipyard Docks. She will be there with three Shadow Thieves and Arkanis Gath, who's hiding in the shadows. Mook will offer a comment about the parties appearence at the docks and then summon Arkanis.

This leads to the following Journal entry:

I have found the Shadow Thieves and the shipment they were guarding. All that remains is to kill them, take the crate, and return to Bodhi with it. A simple enough task.

When you return to Bodhi and report what took place, she is happy at the outcome and she'll take the Smuggled Shipment from you as she comments that the success of this task has left her in a stronger position with the Shadpow Thieves having to shift manpower to compensate for the disruptions. She'll then call for more specific tasks that will disrupt the Shadow Thieves guild further and she gives the party a choice of performing one of two different assignments.

The Choice[]

"Choose; they cannot both be done. One is... unseemly, so if you claim to be "good," you should choose the second, a sickly hero's task. Which do you prefer?"

"Very well. It calls for the murder of a man. Not a truly innocent man, but hardly a villain of epic scope. You must kill, blaming the murder on the Shadow Thieves."

If the party accepts this task it leads to the following Journal entry:

I have returned the smuggled goods to Bodhi, and she has given me a second task now. I am to go to the home of a merchant named Vulova and kill him... and leave a cloak and dagger she has given me in the man's fountain. The man's home is in the Government District between the jail and the government building. Once that is done, I must return to her.

"You will rescue him. He will be killed once they are through, so go quickly. They have him at the Shadow Thief guild house on the second floor. You know the building, I think? Remember, if he dies, you fail."

If the party accepts this task it leads to the following Journal entry:

I have returned the smuggled goods to Bodhi, and she has given me a second task now. I am to go to the Shadow Thief guild headquarters in the Docks District and rescue a traitor they are holding there by the name of Palern Flynn. The mission requires that the man live, naturally, and Bodhi tells me the Shadow Thieves are interrogating him... and that I must move quickly before they kill him. He is to be found on the second floor of the building.

Senior Armagaran Vulova[]

Head to the Government District and enter Vulova's unlocked house. Senior Vulova will be standing near the bedroom, with one of his guards standing nearby, and he'll call out to the party when they get close enough, demanding to know who and what the party is doing in his house. At this point there are two routes to take: offer to let him leave and go lay low somewhere for a while or kill him.

  • If you choose to let him leave, he'll instruct his guards to attack while he leaves the scene. (The wizard will teleport in and join the fight)
  • If you choose to kill him, he'll turn hostile and fight back along with the fighter and wizard guards.

Either way, kill everybody; plant the evidence in the fountain, loot the place if you haven't already, and split back to the Lower Tombs.

This lead to the following Journal entry if you opted to let Vulova live:

I decided to give the merchant Vulova a chance to run and hide somewhere instead of killing him. He was ungrateful enough to sic his guards on me, but at least he's gone. Now all that remains is to return to Bodhi and hope that she's fooled by my ruse.

Return to Bodhi and report your deed. If you let Vulova live, Bodhi will know:

"You have returned. My informants have kept me updated. You displayed mercy, a crippling attribute for a killer. Well, no matter."

Palern Flynn[]

This task is pretty straight forward. Head to the Shadow Thief Guildhall, battle your way in and rescue Flynn, then return to the Lower Tombs.

This leads to the following Journal entry:

Palern Flynn has been set free, unharmed, his captors dead. Now it is time to return to Bodhi and tell her that the deed is done.

Return to Bodhi and report your deed. If you failed to rescue Flynn, Bodhi will know:

"You have returned. No need to say how you fared; my spies have kept me updated. The rescue did not go as planned, I take it? No matter, he was unimportant."

After you return to the Lower Tombs following either task, it's on to task number three.

"The attack will have put the Shadow Thieves on edge, and that was half the purpose anyway. On to more important things."

Now Bodhi wants you to kill Aran Linvail.

"It is time to take down the leadership of the Shadow Thieves and throw them into a more permanent disarray from which they may not recover.

You must invade their lair one last time. You must kill Aran Linvail, the Shadowmaster. Do this for me, and our arrangement will be fulfilled."

She will tell you where to find him, how to access his location, and offer a tip about a employee of her's who has been captured by the Shadow Thieves and might have some information on how to access Linvail's sanctum.

This leads to the following Journal entry:

My final task has been given to me by Bodhi, and it is to kill the Shadowmaster Aran Linvail. His lair lies beneath the Shadow Thief headquarters in the Docks District, accessible only through a secret door that cannot be picked, just inside the entrance on the right.

The key for that door likely lies in the hands of my old contact Gaelan Bayle. I will need to retrieve the key from him first if I am going to be able to enter.

Once inside, I must track down Aran's inner sanctum... perhaps with the help of a captured employee of Bodhi's named Tizzak... and kill him there.

Aran Linvail[]

First you'll have to get the key to his hideout from Gaelan Bayle. Go to the Slums District, kill Bayle, and pocket the key from his corpse.

  • For extra XP go upstairs and kill Arledrian since he's now hostile.
I now have the key to Aran Linvail's lair beneath the Shadow Thief headquarters. Now it is time to go to the Docks District and confront the Shadowmaster personally.

Head back to the Guildhall. The hideout entrance is located through a doorway that's to the right of the front door. Go through the curtained divider to the far wall at the back of the room. The secret door will reveal itself and is accessible with the key in your inventory. First hunt down Tizzak who is in the prison room. Kill Booter for the key to access the prison (the key will disappear from your inventory when you use it to open the door). Tizzak will give you some good info on the situation.

I found Bodhi's man, Tizzak, who informed me the only way into Aran's inner sanctum is through two magical doors. The first is opened by pressing a button... which exists at the end of a trapped hallway to the north. The second is opened by a key... He did not know where it was, but suggested that a wizard named Haz might possess it.

Note: Be very careful when exploring the hideout as it contains numerous floor traps that will deal spell or physical damage as well as proximity traps that spawn additional Shadow Thieves')

Hunt down the button which is located at the end of a rotating barrel full of spike traps. Press the button and a note pops up:

"You click the button and hear a door open off in the distance."

That door is the one at the end of the elevated walkway with the Air Elemental standing guard.

Next hunt down Haz, kill him and get the Key to Aran's Lair. Kill Aran Linvail.

This leads to the following Journal entry when the deed is done:

The Shadowmaster of the Shadow Thieves in Athkatla, is dead. Now I must return to Bodhi and tell her that her grim task has been completed.

Return to the Lower Tombs and tell Bodhi of your success. She will set you up with Saemon Havarian who will captain the ship that will take you to the island of Brynnlaw.

This ends the quest with the following Journal entry:

Bodhi agreed to fulfill our bargain, though there were some additional concerns she revealed.

According to Bodhi, Irenicus captured me because he had discovered my nature as a child of Bhaal, and he was attempting to "aid" my development, though his methods were indistinguishable from torture. The Shadow Thieves attacked Irenicus before I could be told any of this, and I escaped as he was incarcerated.

Bodhi also told me that she is essentially Irenicus's sister, and that her reason for helping me is that she wishes to free the wizard from the same place that Imoen has been sent to, a dread asylum for magic-users called Spellhold. Bodhi does this not out of any familial attachment, but rather because she requires Irenicus for her own purposes. As added incentive, she offers to reveal whatever Irenicus learned about me.

The asylum is on an island under its own rule, and Bodhi used the gold I gave her to book passage for me. There, I will try to find a way into Spellhold to free Imoen... and, Bodhi hopes, free Irenicus at the same time.