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Why do you insist on bothering me?[1]

Perdue is a temperamental halfling in the tavern of the Red Sheaf inn in Beregost. He had his short sword stolen from him by a bunch of gnolls in the High Hedge area; see Perdue's Short Sword for details about how to get a quest from him.


  • Perdue's Short Sword – It takes some charisma and lore to figure Perdue out, and finally get a quest from him (if even wanted). See the quest page for the responses needed.


I feel so insecure. Nobody 'ere really likes me. They're always bullying me and pushing me around. My therapist says it's because I still 'ave some unresolved issues with my father. I just don't have the heart to tell her that 'e was killed in a bizarre fishing accident when I was only three. *sigh* I just wish people would stop picking on me, you know?

— Charmed



  • "Perdue" is French and translates to "lost." It's the female form of the past participle, though Perdue himself is a male halfling. Perhaps for this reason, his name was changed to "Perdué" in the French translation of the game.



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