Parda is a priest and tutor. He is a close friend to the protagonist.

Once you have defended yourself against Shank, Padra will speak to you outside the Priests Quarters.

"[You], you cut yourself above the brow, there-- What is wrong, child? Something in your eyes tells me that something is very wrong indeed."

1:-Oh Parda! There was a man in there, he smelled like the stables, and he-- and he tried to kill me, it was horrible...
Hurry, then, child. Equip yourself at the Inn and go join Gorion on the steps of the library... I had a sense something like this might happen.
2:-It's-- It's nothing Parda. One of the cats didn't like me petting it. I'm alright, really...
Mm, yes, well... Get what you need from the Inn, then, for Gorion is desperate for you to be off.

Parda's advice to supply yourself quickly and be off as soon as possible falls squarely into the category of Bad Advice. Candlekeep is where you learn to play the game, and the adventure that awaits is unaffected by the amount of time that you spend preparing for it.