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Parda is a human monk and a close friend to the protagonist. He appears in Candlekeep during the Prologue and again during the events of Chapter Six.

Once you have defended yourself against Shank and left the Priests' Quarters, Parda will approach you with concern for your current state of mind. After your explaination, he'll advise you to find Gorion as soon as possible.

When Gorion's Ward returns to Candlekeep in chapter six, Parda is found in the Bunkhouse. Again he will approach you and initiate conversation. This time he gives pretty obvious hints that doppelgangers have invaded Candlekeep. When the brief dialogue is complete he'll exit the building and disappear. This interaction will result in an entry in your Journal.

Parda will make one more appearance inside a small room on the second level of the Candlekeep Catacombs, although this time he's really a doppelganger in disguise. After a brief dialogue, the doppelganger will transform and attack.

When Parda transforms into a doppelganger, the only changes are his hit points (30) and XP (420). He also carries one item of random treasure.



"<Gorion's Ward>, you cut yourself above the brow, there— What is wrong, child? Something in your eyes tells me that something is very wrong indeed."

1- Oh Parda! There was a man in there, he smelled like the stables, and he— and he tried to kill me, it was horrible...
"Hurry, then, child. Equip yourself at the Inn and go join Gorion on the steps of the library... I had a sense something like this might happen."
2- It's— It's nothing Parda. One of the cats didn't like me petting it. I'm alright, really...
"Mm, yes, well... Get what you need from the Inn, then, for Gorion is desperate for you to be off."


"Oh, <Gorion's Ward>, I heard you had returned! If only it weren't in such dark times. Something is afoot in Candlekeep—there is an unvoiced panic amongst those of us who still call these haunted halls our home. You must help us, I pray you."

1- Anything, dear Parda. Just tell me how.
"How. How... If only I knew! Go around, search about. You have been away for a time; perhaps your eyes will see things that we cannot. We have been here too long; we are blind to the malignancies for they have crept up so slowly and absorbed themselves into our gaze. But they are there. My eyes can't see them, my ears can't hear them, but all that is in me screams with the knowledge that they are there! Now hush, no one must know that we've been talking."
2- Why the panic? What is so wrong?
"The Watchers... Some of the Watchers are so strange now and—and people that I've known and loved for years now pass me in the halls without greeting, without their usual silly story, without some discourse on their latest readings. At first I thought it was me but it's not me, it's them, I see it in their sidelong glance—disdain, jealousy, rivalry, these I could understand, I could make sense of... But they weren't what I saw in their beady eyes: I saw hunger, plain and simple. Now shush, no one must know that I have spoken with you."
I always suspected that Old Reader Parda had something of the sixth sense about him and now I know it to be true. He has found within him the very knowledge that it has taken me far over a month of travel to acquire—that something very wrong is happening here. Throughout the Sword Coast and in Baldur's Gate, especially. But right now, as I scribble this, I know as well as he that whatever it is that is so wrong is presently lurking here in Candlekeep and befouling the place with its very presence! I must uproot it and scorch the vicious weed before it spreads.

— Journal entry


The doppelganger Parda will approach the party upon sight:

"Seek my comfort, will you? Aye, I'll show you a sweet and silent comfort if ye'll let me, wasteling."

Gameplay (community)[]

Parda's advice to supply yourself quickly and be off as soon as possible falls squarely into the category of Bad Advice. Candlekeep is where you learn to play the game, and the adventure that awaits is unaffected by the amount of time that you spend preparing for it. -- Added by Orkamat (talkcontribs) 23:50, March 18, 2014 (UTC)


Parda (Prologue) BG1EE
Parda (right) "had a sense something like this might happen"[1]

BGEE Parda in the Bunkhouse NPC

Parda in the Bunkhouse


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