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The Parchment is found within a chest in the Ruined Temple of Bhaal. It is written by Madele about her devotion to Bhaal, revenge fantasies awaiting Akanna if Madele's ever let free. And about hearing whispers, believing them to be from her returned dead god.


(The following notes are scrawled in an almost indecipherable hand.)

For him. FOR HIM. In Bhaal's name, I will NOT break. I keep him in mind, always always always. She is sent to try me.

I line them up side by side. The Lord of Murder likes order. He will return, I know he will, and then he will see how faithful I've remained. Then I shall torment Akanna as she has tormented me. I'll take HER eyes, roast them, and feed them to her, one by one. And then regrow them! AND MAKE HER EAT THEM AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND

Head aches so badly. I feel someone whispering to me in the dark. Is it Bhaal? Has my lord returned? The voice tells me my penance is almost at an end. Akanna's rule here is done. It MUST be the Lord of the Murder, but I hear the voice so faintly and my head... my head...