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Pace, a Harper found inside the Harper Hold. Speak with this young man. Portrait from the PPE Mod

Pace is a thief and Harper at Galvarey Estate in Athkatla's Docks District during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign.

Hi, friend.

Pace is a good-natured chap (as his Alignment indicates), but a bit on the young and naive side. (He hasn't been with the Harpers for very long, and as such defers certain questions to his "higher-ups" Meronia and Galvarey himself.)

"Hello, well met, and welcome to our little place. Not much to see, eh? Never you mind, because good company will fill any room. What can little Pace do for you?"

He is a fountain of information, but at some point, he will clam up:

"...sorry, Berinvar is giving me a rather nasty look. I'd better let you get on your way."

Until that point, a few topics you may broach with him include:

  1. Nothing much. I was just curious. Care to give me a tour?
  2. You seem a happy chap. Been with the Harpers long?
  3. Perhaps you could tell me something about the Shadow Thieves in the city.
  4. I'm searching for a friend of mine who has been captured by the Cowled Wizards... do you know anything of them?
  5. A bit young, aren't you? For this type of work, I mean.

Various companions, Edwin, Haer'Dalis, Jan, Minsc and Korgan, may also interject comments.

"Good talking to you. careful, friend."

A few key points you pick up on during the conversation is that it's not safe to go into the second floor without being recognized as a Harper, by a particular symbol on an amulet. Also it seems that before Galvarey moved Pace into this estate, of which Pace says, "There's not much else to see. The rest pales in comparison to the main room..." that Pace preferred his old base with its, "simpler surroundings of the old glade, but Galvarey knows best," perhaps hinting at Galvarey's manipulation of the young lad, and the work Pace has been put towards:

"What type of work? The Harpers do many things. Why, some of these old guys can spin a scheme to make your head spin. It's a wonder, it is..."

Jan's, response:

"Well, I've heard schemes to make your head spin, my boy.  Or my Aunt Patty's head spin, anyway.  Uncle Rufus worked long and hard on that one, let me tell you, and Patty's neck was sore for weeks.  She never really forgave him, but such is the nature of schemes, or so they say."

And Pace's inevitable reply:

"...sorry, Berinvar is giving me a rather nasty look. I'd better let you get on your way."