Osmadi is a druid and worshiper of Malar who may be found at the construction site of a druidic shrine in the north-eastern section of Larswood. He has been poisoned by his Shadow Druid "companion" Corsone. He will accuse Gorion's Ward of having killed his "brothers," and will attack after some brief dialogue no matter how they respond. 

When Osmadi attacks, at least one hostile Cave Bear will spawn to aid him, along with his colleague Corsone, who will come to the aid of the party. Osmadi's spellcraft notably includes Animal Summoning I, which he will quickly utilize in order to bring forth additional allies.

In the Enhanced Edition, he wields the powerful cursed spear Backbiter.


"Arrogant fools! You return to the very slaughter for which you were responsible. Your blood will soak the ground before I allow any of you to leave! I will avenge the deaths of my brothers!"

  • 1: What are you talking about? We've killed no one. I think you're a little addled in the head, perhaps you should calm down so that we can figure out who really killed your "brothers."
"You think your excuses can work on me! I know what you are, what all of you are! Let the wrath of Malar destroy you and your faithless companions."
  • 2: We killed your brothers. We admit it freely. We drank their blood and ate their spleens.
"You'll pay for your crimes! The wrath of Malar will strike you down."