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Origin Characters are premade playable characters in Baldur's Gate III that the player can choose from instead of creating a character. Each Origin character has their own backstory and goals which influence the choices to be made.

When playing as an Origin character, it is not possible to change their race, subrace, class, subclass, background, or appearance. All other details can be changed in the Character Creator, including Ability Scores, Skill Points, etc. The sole exception to this is The Dark Urge, who can be fully customized except for their background.

With the exception of The Dark Urge, Origin characters who are not chosen as the player's character may be encountered later and invited to join the party as companions.

Origin companions in Baldur's Gate III
Name Race Class Background Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
Astarion High Elf Rogue Charlatan 8 17 14 13 13 10
Shadowheart High Half-Elf Cleric Acolyte 13 13 14 10 17 8
Gale Human Wizard Sage 8 13 15 17 10 12
Lae'zel Githyanki Fighter Soldier 17 13 15 10 12 8
Karlach Zariel Tiefling Barbarian Outlander 17 13 15 8 12 10
Wyll Human Warlock Folk Hero 8 13 14 13 10 17
The Dark Urge White Dragonborn Sorcerer Haunted One 8 13 15 12 10 17

† Default values; the Dark Urge's race, class, and abilities are fully customizable.