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This is the most common Orc Archer encountered throughout the Shadows of Amn campaign. A few are found as static creatures while a good majority will appear as random spawns which are always in groups of six; three Orcs and three orc archers.

This orc creature wears Leather Armor and utilizes a Longbow to fire +1 Arrows at its target. They carry no melee weapon, so engaging them in hand to hand combat is probably a good idea for low level parties. They also drop one item of well-off random treasure.


Aran Linvail's Hideout[]

Forest of Tethir[]

Small Teeth Pass[]

Umar Hills[]

Windspear Hills[]

  • There are two potential spawn points within the Windspear Hills area.
  • They will spawn in the Firkraag's Entrance dungeon area that's accessible from within the Windspear Hills.
  • They will also spawn inside of Firkraag's Maze in the room that's located between the first and second perpendicular hallways that are encountered when first exploring the dungeon.