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These Orcs are found in the basement of the Castle Saradush and in the cellar of Kiser's Home, both of which are located in the besieged city of Saradush.

These orcs (referred to as "Fighter" in-game) are a step up from the orcs found in Gromnir's Barracks as they're equipped with Plate Mail and carry a Potion of Extra Healing. They have a strength of 17, dexterity of 13 and a constitution of 19 to go along with their 165 hit points.


Castle Saradush[]

Two pairs of these orcs are found standing guard in the basement in front of both doors that lead from the cells to the first of three separate rooms, each of which is populated by some hostile Elite Orcs and Elite Orogs.

Kiser's Home[]

One of these "fighter" orcs is lurking in the outer hallway that surrounds the cellar (which uses the same floor plan as the Ranger Cabin in the Umar Hills area), along with a thief and a mage. Ardic Santele is also located nearby within this hallway area of the cellar.


This orc has the innate ability Enrage but doesn't have the spell memorized nor the script to use it if it was memorized.