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Omar Haraad is encountered by the player during the Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal expansion in the streets of Amkethran.

Please, my daughter meant no harm. Her motives were pure, even if her actions were wrong!


Moving through the streets of the village, the party eventually comes upon an encounter with some mercenaries, the village mayor and his daughter.

A desperate woman is accused of thievery by Balthazar's mercenaries in the village of Amkethran. Apparently, she was caught stealing to provide money to buy food for the starving villagers.

Her father, Omar Haraad (who is also the village mayor) is present for the encounter. The mercenaries have heard Asana Haraad confess to the theft and heard her explanation. They do not care about her excuses and will execute her in the street as punishment. Omar pleads with your party to intervene and save her life. It is up to the party to either stand aside or assist her.

If the party helps through dialogue with the mercenaries and or action, the mayor will be ever so thankful and offer a reward (although this village isn't rich by any means).


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