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Oloneiros is an Elven Mage that can be encountered in Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear.


A mage in the service of Caelar Argent and the Shining Crusade, Oloneiros is working with the Blinding White battalion at Boareskyr Bridge. In addition to controlling the magical wards that prevent anyone from crossing the bridge itself[2], she seemingly is there to watch out for Gorion's Ward, despite not knowing what they look like.


  1. Only difference seems to be #2 is automatically hostile, it's override script is BDCHALL.BCS, and it's general script switches to BDMAGE38.BCS
  2. Bridge Guard's BDBRIDGE.DLG file: "I'd take your money, but my standing aside would gain you little. The mage Oloneiros has warded the bridge. None shall walk its length while she lives."