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While the spell is mightier than the sword, something is lost during a subtle spell duel. What is that elusive quality? The visceral impact of body blows, the crunch of bone and the rending of flesh. Behold, a team of pulverizing pugilists ready to pound the precious life out of our proud defenders

— Baeloth the Entertainer

This Ogre Mage appears two different times, first with eight Ogres in the fourth battle of the first ''tier'' then again with a Flesh Golem, a Quasit, a Wraith, a random Mephit, and a random Ooze in the fourth battle of the second ''tier''.

The mage remains visible for the entirety of both battles since it isn't equipped with the undroppable/unstealable Sandthief's Ring (MAGE01.itm). It also has the highest hit point total (70) of any ogre mage across all games, although it has no XP due to the nature of how the game doles out experience following each successful battle. It also drops no weapon or treasure upon death.


During battle, the mage will run through its entire spellbook following the MAGE3 spell progression of its general script:

Of course that's all dependent on it living that long!

— Talana


  • The creature has a Sandthief ring in its inventory but it's assigned to a quick slot thereby rendering it useless.
  • A bastard sword is also in its inventory but isn't assigned to any slot.
  • This is one of those creature files where the mage's color scheme will change from reload to reload of the area.