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The Ogre Mages found in Siege of Dragonspear are the only ogre mages that are multi-classed as fighter/mage's. As a result, they also have had their dexterity increased to account for the fighter aspect of the class. They only use a katana during melee combat and none of them are even equipped with a bastard sword. They're given two weapon proficiency bonus slots for katana and single-weapon style. This is the only game were none of the mages are equipped with the undroppable/unstealable Sandthief's Ring.

Both of the following ogre mages are categorized by their creature code for ease of discussion.


This ogre mage is encountered in the Troll Claw Woods in chapter nine and in Dead Man's Pass during chapter ten. It is one of the few ogre mages assigned male as its gender and is the only "generic" ogre mage to be given a kit classification (mageschool_generalist).

It also has double digit scores across all six abilities and has the highest total ability score (92) of any ogre mage found in all of the games. And it is the only ogre mage that possess an undroppable/unstealable Ring of Regeneration.


  • Although the mage has ten spells in its spellbook, only five are available for use in battle.
  • The undroppable Ring of Regeneration (REGHP1) gives the mage increased movement speed and regenerates one hit point every 3 seconds.
  • The equipped katana is not dropped upon death. Instead the mage drops three random items from three different treasure scripts.


Two of these ogre mages are encountered among the first wave of enemy crusaders that attacks the Allied Siege Camp during the three attempts by the Coalition to destroy the camp in chapter ten. Both this ogre mage and the paladin stronghold ogre mage in Shadows of Amn are given the highest level (7/8(SoD) and 8(SoA) respectively) of any ogre mage Baldur's Gate series. This ogre mage also has the highest XP value (1400) of any generic ogre mage in the series.


  • The general script (BDMAGE01) gives the mage the ability to use all of the spells in its spellbook. However, the ability to cast certain spells may be contingent upon the game difficulty level.
  • Upon death it will drop a Katana but no treasure.
  • It wears an undroppable, invisible helemt that provides protection from critical hits.
  • It wears an undroppable, invisible cloak that provides immunity to Natural/Nonmagical effects.