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Offensive damage is a secondary spell type[1], a characteristic of spells, abilities and weapon on-hit side effects. While secondary types are hidden from the player, some of them can be leveraged to better attack or defend. When it comes to the offensive damage type, there is only one way to target it: The Cloak of Mirroring. It grants immunity to all attacks of this type unless they were cast by the wearer.

Note: In Enhanced Edition, the cloak also grants immunity to extra spells selected explicitly by Beamdog independently from their type. For this curated list, immunity works even with the wearer's own spells. A noteworthy example is Incendiary Cloud; see the cloak's article for others.

List of offensive damage attacks[]

Despite the name, not all attacks that deal damage have this secondary type, and some attacks have it that deal no damage. The list below is quite thorough:


  1. The primary type is the spell school.

Mod content[]

Sword Coast Stratagems and Spell Revisions mod make changes to Dragon Breath weapon attacks and ensure the breath spell school is "Generalist Mage" and "Secondary Type" is "None". This means that they are not offensive damage, or magical attack types any longer with these mods installed. Spell Immunity and items that guard against secondary type classifications have no effect on Dragon Breath attacks. Other examples may include Spell Shield or the Cloak of Mirroring.

Demilich howl also has no secondary type assigned with those mods.