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This Letter is the second of two letters from Davaeorn to Tazok that are found inside a trapped(Disarm: 20) chest in Tazok's Tent which is located in the Bandit Camp area. It details the continued need to stockpile iron ore and requests and update on the fate of those individuals mentioned in the first letter.

Note: Adding this letter to your inventory will trigger the movie cut scene that begins Chapter Four.



I have noticed that your shipments of iron have slowed of late. It is imperative that we receive another ton of ore. Step up your raids, and get a shipment to our base in Cloakwood within the next week. We need to stockpile as much ore as possible before our ultimatum is given. Also, Sarevok wants to know what has happened with the band of mercenaries. Have they been killed? You had better ensure that they have been, as Sarevok will not take kindly to any other news.



  • This letter contains in its contents the first known instance that Sarevok's name is mentioned in the game.

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