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This Letter is one of two that are in the possession of Mulahey who is located in his lair on level 4 of the Nashkel Mines. Both of the letters are from Mulahey's boss Tazok. This one details Tazok's disappointment in Mulahey's progress disrupting the mine operations and the identity and location of Tazok's new contact.


My servant Mulahey,

Your progress in disrupting the flow of iron ore does not go as well as it should. How stupid can you be to allow your kobolds to murder the miners?! With your presence revealed, you should be wary of enemies sent to stop your operation. Your task is a very simple one; if you continue to show that you can't do the job, you will be replaced. I will not send the kobolds you have requested as I need all the troops I possess to stop the flow of iron into this region. With this message I have sent more of the mineral poison that you require. If you have any problems then send a message to my new contact in Beregost. His name is Tranzig, and he'll be staying at Feldepost's Inn.


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