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This Letter is one of two that are in the possession of Mulahey who is located in his lair on level 4 of the Nashkel Mines. Both of the letters are from Mulahey's boss Tazok. This one details the gist of Mulahey's task and the identity of the bandit groups that are disrupting the iron ore trade in the region.


My servant Mulahey,

I have sent you the kobolds and mineral poison that you require. Your task is to poison any iron ore that leaves these mines. Don't reveal your presence to the miners or you will find yourself swamped by soldiers from the local Amnian garrison. My superiors have recently hired on the services of the Blacktalon mercenaries and the Chill. With these soldiers at my disposal, I should be able to destroy any iron caravans entering the region from the south and east. I don't want to deal with iron coming from the Nashkel mines, so don't fail in your duty.


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