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This Letter is one of three that are in the possession of Davaeorn who is located in his quarters on Level 4 of the Cloakwood Mines. All three are from Davaeorn's boss Rieltar and they provide a bit of a timeline in the activities of the Iron Throne in regards to the scheme to control iron production in the region and begin operations in the city of Baldur's Gate. This one details the overall state of the present conditions in how the scheme is progressing and Tranzig's current activities.



As you have probably heard, the iron poison has begun to take effect around the coast. With the majority of iron imports being disrupted by Tazok, almost all of it comes from the tainted source in Nashkel. The Sythillisian uprising in Amn has ensured that no forces from that nation will be able to take action against our mercenary forces. However, the Flaming Fist has caught several of the Blacktalon mercenaries. All of those captured have claimed allegiance with the Zhentarim and have thus shifted any suspicion away from the Iron Throne. I have sent Tranzig to work with the mercenaries in transporting the iron to your base in Cloakwood. He has brought several bags of holding so that he, alone, will make trips into Cloakwood, thereby lessening the chance that Flaming Fist trackers might find your stronghold.

Tarsakh, 1368

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