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This Letter is one of three that are in the possession of Davaeorn who is located in his quarters on Level 4 of the Cloakwood Mines. All three are from Davaeorn's boss Rieltar and they provide a bit of a timeline in the activities of the Iron Throne in regards to the scheme to control iron production in the region and begin operations in the city of Baldur's Gate. This one details the arrival of Sarevok and the infiltration of rival trading guilds in the city.



Our plans go smoothly. Sarevok has arrived from our headquarters in Ordulin. He brings news from our superiors; they are pleased with our progress so far. I plan to place Sarevok as the commander of our mercenary forces in the region. He has already sent his subordinate, Tazok, to the Wood of Sharp Teeth to take command of the forces located there. Things go apace here in Baldur's Gate. We have placed our first agent among the ranks of the Seven Suns trading coster.

Flamerule, 1367

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