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This Letter is one of three that are in the possession of Davaeorn who is located in his quarters on Level 4 of the Cloakwood Mines. All three are from Davaeorn's boss Rieltar and they provide a bit of a timeline in the activities of the Iron Throne in regards to the scheme to control iron production in the region and begin operations in the city of Baldur's Gate. This one details the use of slaves in the mines and the acquisition of a headquarters in the city.



I have received your request for extra slaves. They will be sent as soon as possible. Events go well in Baldur's Gate. We have purchased one of the western noble estates to use as our base of operations. It is an ancient building, most likely constructed before the erection of the second wall. Its construction makes it very defensible against those who would thieve it. Remember to ask Yeslick if he enjoys his new accommodations.

Alturiak, 1365

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