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A Noble Djinni is a good aligned Genie from the Elemental Plane of Air. The creature is rarely used by the game. The party may fight one in Spellhold Bodhi's Hunt Level 3, because it is hostile.


The Noble Djinni is a slightly higher HD and more capable creature than the ordinary Djinni. It also has a 10% magic resistance rating.

The djinni is a hostile creature who is scripted to advance upon the nearest opponent in detection range and attack in melee combat until dead. Oddly enough, the game gives the magical creature no offensive or defensive spells to employ in its script.


The saving throws for the Noble Djinni are worse than some varieties of an ordinary version. Probably a creature coding error.

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Sword Coast Stratagems revises the Noble Djinni. it does this by implementing the "Smarter Genie" component.

This component is sensitive to the difficulty setting:

BASIC: Genies will attack fairly unintelligently, and mostly do not use their invisibility or protective powers.
IMPROVED: Genies attack intelligently and use all of their magical powers.
TACTICAL: Genies can use their magical powers instantly and without risk of spell failure.
HARDCORE and above: Genies receive a modest (+50%) boost to their hit points.

This creature is now a 13 Hit Dice Creatures with level 13/13 Mage/Cleric spell casting levels. By script they cast wizard spells (sometimes instantly depending on game difficulty selection). The creature will turn into mist form (and it is impervious to damage while in that form) and rapidly regenerate hit points when damaged over 50%. Careful timing and delivered damage can overcome the mist regeneration phase - if it isn't done correctly, the creature can take a long time to kill, as it is constantly going into mist form, regenerating, and then reforming etc.

The scripted spells use and number of times it can cast them is as follows:

Magic Missile (×4)
Stinking Cloud (×3)
Invisibility (×3)
Lightning Bolt (×3)
Shadow Door (×2)
Globe of Invulnerability (×2)
Protection From Magical Weapons (×2)
Spells will be attempted as determined by the AI's recognition of the target's spell protections and carried items. At some point, if able, it will engage in melee attacks.

The djinn is immune to poison, entangle, web, paralyze, stinking cloud and cloudkill.

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