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Nilthiri is a Troll Shaman in the Druid Grove during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign. Nilthiri only appears during the Druid Stronghold quest, Heeding the Spirit of the Grove.

Who dares to interrupt the Calling? Manlings!? You grow bold and will pay in blood!

— Nilthiri


The Spirit of the Grove will inform the protagonist that Nilthiri threatens the balance, and therefore must be slain so that hordes of trolls won't be summoned to overrun the grove.

Nilithri can be found east of Troll Mound, along with three other trolls (worth 1,400 XP each).

When battle starts, the shaman will self-protect with instantly cast Physical Mirror, Death Ward, and Shield of the Archons.

Right afterwards, the shaman will spawn a large group of Diseased Rat creatures and deals a little bit of acid damage to the troll as well (system shock). (ref: SPIN715.spl).

The first instance where Nilthri takes any damage, an Iron Skins is applied for protection.

Offensively, the shaman will attempt a Poison (spell), then a Unholy Blight, followed by a Cause Critical Wounds. If the troll is still in fighting shape it may try a Hold Person (priest) at a non Helpless close by opponent.

It's also scripted to try and cast a Insect Plague, though later in the battle.


In the classic game, the creature gender was listed as Female, but this is changed to Neither in the Enhanced Edition. This does not affect gameplay or dialogue pronouns.


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Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Sword Coast Stratagems mod makes some revisions to the shaman. First, the troll now has a level 14 Druid class. A new array of memorized spells are provided as well.

Nilthri is provided with an equipped shapeshift Bear token in its off-hand (shield) weapon slot. By script it can use it as well, based on certain triggers/conditions.

The troll will open with Barkskin, Physical Mirror, Chaotic Commands, Stoneskin and two different summoning spells, including possibly Call Woodland Beings or Conjure Earth Elemental (priest) for support. After that it will bring forth a dozen "Diseased Rats", with a displayed combat log text message stating: "The troll shakes, twitches, and convulses as a dozen sickly rats tear their way from its body and scramble towards you, fangs bared in angry grimaces". The rats may be subsequently buffed with a Chant, and possibly a Bless according to in-game testing.

With the Icewind Dale spell component installed, SCS adds the "Icelance" spell to its arsenal. A plethora of offensive and disabling spells can be cast as determined by the AI's vulnerability assessment of opponents and enemy protections. The troll can even attempt a Nature's Beauty spell, the only 7th level druid spell it knows.

With the Spell Revisions mod installed, druid spells are much better in terms of offensive capability, and those will be noticeable in this battle. The Nymph summoned by Call Woodland Beings is a particularly problematic spell caster.

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