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Disambiguation icon Not to be confused with Nessa.

Nessie is one of the employees at the Friendly Arm inn. She's worked there for 5 years.

If you speak to her she will explain the history of the Inn and the Mirrorshades. She will also tell you about the newest characters at the Inn.


"Welcome to the Friendly Arm Inn. Looks like you had a rough journey."

1- Yes, the roads were crazy. Who are you, anyway?
"My name is Nessie. The Mirrorshades hired me to work at the inn almost five years ago and now I wouldn't leave it for the life of me. It's wonderful here, with new faces passing through every day."
1a- Who are the Mirrorshades?
"Oh, Bentley and Gellana. They run the place. Bentley's behind the bar, there, and you can usually find Gellana in the temple. I'm usually here, waiting tables and making sure everything stays nice and clean."
1b- So who are the new faces here now?
"With the roads being what they are right now, there aren't too many faces around here that are new anymore. Unshey's been taking this time to write a new book, and Khalid and Jaheira have been waiting anxiously in the corner over there, sleeping in shifts to make sure they don't miss whoever it is they're waiting for... Dorn's over there in the opposite corner, as far from Khalid and Jaheira as possible. I'd steer clear of him if I had a choice... Who else? Let's see, Landrin's on the top floor, drinking up a storm, and then there was... well, Tarnesh... I'm really sorry he caused you trouble—he was all wit and charm until he heard that there were visitors at the gate... We don't allow any fighting here. We have very strict rules about that sort of thing but the guards say he jumped out of the shadows at you and there was nothing you could do... That's really about it. Everyone else has been here for the past two months, at least. We're so full that there's even been talk of letting people throw down their bedrolls in the temple."
2- This place is a fortress! Why all the security?
"Bentley wanted the inn to be a safe haven for all sorts of travelers. Anyone can stay here but we don't tolerate any troublemaking within these walls."
Did Bentley build this place? It's so solid, it looks like it's been here forever!
"Oh no, Bentley and Gellana didn't build the inn! They found it... They were part of an adventuring party, not unlike your own. In the first few years following the Time of Troubles, when all the gods were walking the surface of our world, the inn was actually the hold of a powerful, undead priest of Bhaal, god of murder. With the evil cleric weakened by the death of his god, Bentley and Gellana were able to destroy him once and for all, thus laying claim to his troubled fortress."
2a- They must have lots of stories to tell!
"I'm sure they do. But this inn is their life now, and they don't like to dwell on the past. You're as likely to get a tale out of them as you are to get a tooth from the mouth of a hen. It has been a pleasure meeting you, however, and I do hope you enjoy your stay."
2b- There's more to this place than I would have guessed.
"The present is always a thin veneer over the past. Look closely at any building in the Sword Coast region and you can be sure that its stones are held in place by history's mortar."