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Nemphre's Home is the home of the mage Nemphre and is located between Arkion's Home and a generic store in the district of Southeast Baldur's Gate.

Note: Arkion's Home is accessible from East Baldur's Gate

Nemphre can be found on the ground floor standing in the foyer. The shelf in the kitchen contains a Cloak of Protection +1.

On the second floor, two sleeping women are present at night. All four of the beds have lootable nightstands next to them. In the smaller bedroom the nightstand closest to the doorway contains a Iol Gem and the one in the corner is empty. In the bigger bedroom the nightstand next to the sleeping woman contains 18 gp and the other one is empty. The unlocked chest of drawers contains a War Hammer and the bookshelf contains a copy of the History of Sembia.