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Disambiguation icon Not to be confused with Neera.

The first time the party visits the Nashkel Inn, they are confronted by Neira, a female bounty hunter. She informs them that she intends to kill them and claim the bounty reward for Gorion's Ward. She will not accept any bribes.

It may be a touch unladylike, but I'm going to slit your throat, I am.


Just fancy my luck seeing you stroll in here, bold as day! I expected a hunt and a chase from the description, but who am I to argue easy coins in the purse? May the Lord of Shadows guide you swiftly to your death!

1-I would first know my attacker! Why are you doing this?
Who I am is unimportant, though my name is Neira. What I am, is a hunter of bounties, and on your head is a lovely little sum. Does this satisfy your request? I thought it wouldn't. No matter.
2-I will defend myself, if I must! If you wish to die, then attack as you will!
By all means, defend as you wish. If you were to simply lay down and die, there should be no intrigue in this profession at all.
3-Is there no compassion in your heart? Will you not reconsider?
To put it as succinctly as possible, no.
4-If money be your motivation, surely we can make a deal?
I have made my deals and shall abide by them. Some others might yield to such an offer, but I would say that they lack focus.