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Neera's quotes presents lines spoken by Neera, together with the associated sound files.

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With Aerie[]

Aerie: Neera? C-can I ask you a question? It's just—well, you seem so self-possessed. How do you do it? How do you make yourself confident?
Neera: Self-possessed and confident? Have you MET me? I'm a bundle of nerves! Every time one of my spells goes off, I worry it's going to go way, wayyyy off.
Aerie: But you cast them anyway. If I feared my spells would go wrong, I don't think I would.
Neera: I suppose I keep casting spells because that's who I am. If I stopped, I wouldn't know myself anymore. I'd be a fish without fins, a bird without—uhh...
Aerie: Without wings? Yes. Flying was that way for me once. Perhaps that is why I feel as I do.
Neera: I'm sorry, Aerie! Gods! My foot's so far in my mouth I'm chewing on my ankle! It tastes terrible! Don't cry! I am so sorry. I didn't mean to—
Aerie: It's not your fault, Neera. I just need a moment to myself, please.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Aerie: Do you remember a conversation we had some time ago? About how your wild magic makes you who you are?
Neera: I remember that it ended with you crying. That's Neera! If she can't do you in with uncontrollable arcane might, she'll beat you down with rampant insensitivity.
Aerie: Don't think about it that way. Remember how you said you wouldn't know yourself anymore if you stopped using wild magic?
Neera: Yes.
Aerie: The magic is a part of you. And just as importantly, the magic is how you make your impression on the things around you.
Neera: More or less. I can't always control the impression's size, shape, or color, though. Or smell. Or anything, really.
Aerie: Right... Well, I realized that flying was wonderful, but... flying above everything didn't help me affect what happened below.
Now, though, my magic and devotion to Baervan Wildwanderer help me change the things around me. Would I have done as much good in the world had I not lost my wings?
Neera: No. Maybe? I don't know. If you ask me, what matters is your conviction that you can do good without them.

With Anomen[]

If the player has started no romance with Anomen or Neera, the following dialogues will play :

Anomen: May I venture to guess, Neera, that you have never been courted by a proper knight?
Neera: If by "proper knight," you mean you, then no, but I've got a feeling I'm about to get a taste.
Anomen: Feeling and tasting come later, dear lady.
Neera: Oh, gross! Go away!

Anomen: Your eyes are as wild as your magic, my dear lady. I dare not gaze into their depths.
Neera: Who's daring you? Not me!

Anomen: A moment of your time, my dear lady. Excuse my dull and graceless talk, but—
Neera: Okay, you're excused. That it?
Anomen: I would ask a boon of you.
Neera: Please don't, Anomen.
Anomen: There! You have granted my boon without even knowing it. To hear my name upon your lips was all I desired.
Neera: Great. I hate having syllables on my chin.

Anomen: My dear lady—
Neera: You know, every time you call me that, I imagine myself with antlers.
Anomen: Then as your roebuck, I will chase you, Deer Lady, and make you pant in the soft grass.
Neera: What? You want pants made of soft grass? This is getting so weird, Anomen.

Anomen: My dear lady—
Neera: WHAT?!
Anomen: I have courted you a long while, and you have resisted my best efforts. Now I invoke the privilege of an earnest lover, the naturally yielding nature of woman, and the equally natural dauntlessness of man. How can I fail with such powers behind me? The time has come. Let me enjoy the sugar upon your lips.
Neera: Bloody hells. If it'll give me some peace and quiet, I'll give you what you're asking for.
Anomen: Truly?
Neera: Yes. All you had to do was be a little bold. I like my men—manly, I guess, or whatever it is you were being. I'll come to you when no one's looking.

When outside in one of Athkatla's districts, after the previous conversation :

Neera: Here you go.
Anomen: What's this?!
Neera: I was resistant at first, I'll admit, but once you brought it up, I couldn't stop fantasizing!
Anomen: You—! But I—
Neera: Do you want me to tell you what I imagined first? Shortbread biscuits with strawberry preserves! I know, I know. Not that creative—but so delicious! Then I thought about glazed pears, mincemeat pies, puddings, gingerbread...
Anomen: But this sack! It's—
Neera: Yes! A pound of sugar from Waukeen's Promenade. As promised. Get cooking!
(if present in party):
Hexxat: Lean in, Anomen. Blood and sugar are surprisingly complementary.
Nalia: Oh, Anomen! I'd love some sweet spiced wine. Our cellars were full of wine from the Vilhon Reach that our cooks would make into the most delicious concoctions...
Mazzy: I would be no halfling if I didn't like cakes of all sorts. Bake me a seed cake, Anomen, and I swear I will be your stalwart sister-in-arms.
Viconia: I hate sweets, but—hmm. Candied violets with anise seeds are not bad. Make me some, human.
Aerie: Does liking shortbread seem too obvious, Anomen? Because I do! It seems hard to make... Good luck!
Imoen: Heya, Anomen! Taffy is good! Plain old taffy.
Jaheira: Anomen! I am almost embarrassed to request marzipan; it is so excessively sweet. But I do like it.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Anomen: What is it, Neera?
Neera: What's what?
Anomen: You are staring.
Neera: Uh, I don't think so.
Anomen: It is no great surprise. I have oft wondered why your eyes had not strayed further previously.
Neera: You really want to do this? Fine...
Oh yes, great knight, take me! Here, now, in front of everyone! I am powerless to resist you!
Anomen: I... what?
Neera: I've denied it all this time, but you're right, so right! Oh, how I've longed for your manly touch!
(if Neera is in a romance with the player:)
Anomen: But you and—
Neera: He means nothing to me! Nothing compares, nothing compares... to you.
(if Anomen is in a romance with the player:)
Anomen: My heart is <CHARNAME>'s, elf—
Neera: It's not your heart I'm after.
(if neither is in a romance with the player:)
Anomen: Quiet, woman! Cease this ridiculous—
Neera: We should shout our love from the treetops and stamp it onto the faces of our enemies!
How do you stamp love onto the face of an enemy? I don't know, but, darling Anomen, we WILL find a way!
Anomen: We will do no such thing!
Neera: But, darling, we must be together forever! Our hearts eternally entwined, never to be parted—
Anomen: You are mad! Get away from me, elf, and stay away!
Neera: Sounds like a plan.

With Cernd[]

Cernd: You hail from the High Forest, yes, Neera? I wonder if my travels shall ever take me there. It is a place I'd dearly love to see.
Neera: I'd love to go with you, but: banished, you know?
Cernd: Take comfort in the thought that change is always around us—always—and that nothing is more natural than the tree losing its leaves in the fall, or the clouds changing shape in the heavens.
Neera: Aw, I like that sort of thing. Trees, clouds, heavens, birds, those weird mushrooms that look like brains... Count me in!
Cernd: I do not talk of taking comfort in the materials of nature, though they are very beautiful and full of solace. I speak of the change that permeates it. Nature does not want your banishment to last forever.
Neera: re you sure? I think nature isn't too crazy about me. You don't know the whole story. I was banished by a TREE, for crying out loud. The treant Turlang—ever hear of him?
Cernd: Yes. Turlang is old and wise, and you were young and... young. If Turlang banished you, there is even greater reason to suspect you were not being punished and that you might someday return.
Neera: Not punished? I was kicked out of my home, separated from my kindred. I'm an outcast, a freak of nature, okay? I'm fine with it! Really, I am.
Cernd: No, you're not. And you were not being punished, as much as it might seem like it.
Neera: Then what? What is your argument, exactly?
Cernd: You were being forced to change.
Neera: I don't want to change. I'm not giving up my magic.
Cernd: I doubt Turlang expected you to. More likely he banished you because he wanted you to grow up WITH your wild magic.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Neera: It must be nice, being so peaceful all the time.
Cernd: While the surface may seem still, a thousand eddies and currents push and pull the lake below. Who knows what terrors lurk beneath?
Neera: Do you enjoy being so cryptic?
Cernd: Does an owl enjoy eating the occasional field mouse?
Neera: I'll take that as a yes.
Cernd: Take it as you will, but consider this: It is a strange owl indeed that does not enjoy frequently eating field mice.
Neera: I'm gonna go talk to someone else now.

With Dorn[]

Dorn: You think you have everyone fooled, girl. Not me.
Neera: You know my secret? My magic is all just sleight of hand? Shhh! Don't tell anyone.
Dorn: Drop the act. You know what I'm talking about—your false innocence, your carelessness, the way you pretend to value the interests of others.
Neera: Act? There's no act. I don't act; I don't even lie—or, hardly ever. What are you going on about, Dorn?!
Dorn: I've seen the look in your eyes, half-elf, when your magic's power increases. I know what it means. I feel the same thing when I slay the weak. Your magic is wild, Neera. You cannot control it, and you cast it anyway. Would someone who was truly good do that?
Neera: You're wrong. You're wrong! And do NOT look into my eyes. It's creepy. Also, slaying the weak? Creepy AND bad.
Dorn: Hah! Your unwillingness to acknowledge the truth damns you. As one of the damned myself, I shall call you sister.
Neera: Please don't, or I'll start calling you creepy uncle.
Dorn: Call me what you will; I'll call you what you are. Someday, the evil within you will prevail. As your power increases, your restraint grows weaker and weaker.
Neera: I've had enough of this! Don't speak to me about this again. Do not speak to ME again!
Dorn: Hrmm. So imperious! As you wish. I will simply watch... and wait.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Dorn: Has the time come, girl? Are you ready to embrace the power within you?
Neera: This again? Come on, Dorn, just leave me alone.
Dorn: I know you feel it within you. Do not deny yourself, Neera.
Neera: I'm not denying anything. You might be willing to give up whatever soul you've got left for power, but I'm happy the way I am.
Dorn: Such destructive potential, wasted. You disappoint me.
Neera: You know what? I can live with that. Now go pester someone else about their destructive potential, why don't you?

With Edwin[]

(this dialogue is in the game's code, but since Edwin and Neera cannot be in the same party it will never play)

Throne of Bhaal only :

Neera: You should watch yourself, Edwin. <CHARNAME> wants us to work together, so I won't deliberately kill you. But it'd be an awful shame if I accidentally surged and you got turned into a sandwich.
Edwin: Your bluster might be amusing were it not so pathetic.
Neera: Don't try me, Red Wizard. I've had more than enough of your kind in my life.
Edwin: You say I should not try your patience? Do not try MINE, freak. I could end your miserable existence in the blink of an eye.
Neera: Blink. Blink blink. Blinky blink blink blink.
Still here. You're all talk, Edwin.
Edwin: You're still here because <CHARNAME> wishes it. Pray that does not change.

With Haer'Dalis[]

Haer'Dalis: I have been watching you for some time, wild mage, and I am still unsure what to call you.
Neera: Why not go with Neera? That's what most people call me. Names are pretty handy that way.
Haer'Dalis: You twitter like a sparrow, but your heart—is it a raven's or a dove's?
Neera: Pretty sure it's a half-elf's, but to be fair, I haven't checked.
Haer'Dalis: That is not what I meant, but you know this, yes? Perhaps I should call you "duck" for the way my meanings roll off your back.

When in the Bridge District :

Haer'Dalis: Ah, duck! Have you peered over the side of this mighty bridge? The water below will empty into the sea soon. Do you long to glide along those waters and let the current take you where it will?
Neera: Yes, Haer'Dalis. I'd also like to catch some fish in my bright yellow bill.
Haer'Dalis: Do not laugh! Did I not succeed in naming your heart's fondest desire, sweet, foolish duck? To glide on the waters, lazy in the sun?
Neera: That doesn't sound too bad. It must be quite the life: food swimming around below you, a sky all yours above you, sitting still and moving along all at once.
I don't know, though. I imagine it could get very dull.
Haer'Dalis: But you forget about the sea, my duck. If you rode the river long enough, you would find yourself there, and then—! Then there would be waves, and storms, and deep, deep waters, with fish both friendly and fierce.
Neera: Ducks don't usually get that far, do they?
Haer'Dalis: No. But you are no ordinary duck, are you?
Neera: I suppose I'm not.
Haer'Dalis: Yes?
Neera: I like it. I like "duck."

Throne of Bhaal only :

Neera: Haer'Dalis, remember that time I lent you my comb?
Haer'Dalis: Such an experience is... not easily forgotten.
Neera: Well, it's time for payback.
Haer'Dalis: And what would you have of me, my duck? A night under the stars? A taste of what lies beyond this mortal plane?
Neera: Eww! No. Gods, no. Is that all you ever think about? Ewwwwww. Ew, ew, ewwww.
I was going to ask for a song, but you know what? I think I'm okay. I'll just stand over there, crying on the inside.

With Hexxat[]

Neera: So... what does blood taste like, Hexxat?
Hexxat: Have you ever sucked on your own wound or had a cut in your mouth? It tastes like that.
Neera: I thought it'd be different for vampires. I guess it could be an acquired taste, but it's so—coppery? It has this weird tang.
Hexxat: You get used to it.
Neera: Are vampires like cats? I've heard that cats taste through smell!
Hexxat: No. We're not like cats.
Neera: Ah, all right. Rude of me to pry. It must be a—um—very private experience.
Hexxat: I could share it with you.
Neera: What? NO! No. I mean—sorry. No. I just, um. Not that there's anything wrong with it, of course—well, there kind of is if someone dies maybe, but two consenting adults and all that... No. Sorry. No.
Hexxat: As you wish.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Neera: You know, Hexxat, you've never told us how old you actually are.
Hexxat: You are very observant.
Neera: Oh.
All right then.
But if you don't mind my asking—
Hexxat: Have I mentioned how observant you are recently, Neera?
Neera: Yeah, all right. I get it.
I guess I'll talk to you later, then.

With Imoen[]

Neera: Heya, Imoen! I'm so sorry you had to spend so long in that... place. I can't imagine. Actually, I can, which makes it worse.
Imoen: Thanks, Neera. I'm just glad I'm out of there. I guess you can relate, what with the Red Wizards on your tail and all.
Neera: We ought to form a magical society to strike fear into the hearts of all conspiring wizards! We could battle Red Wizards, Cowled :Imoen: Wizards, wizards who steal souls... What other kinds of wizards are there? We could fight them, too.
Neera: I like the sound of that. We'll need a good name, though. I hate Cowled Wizards, Red Wizards, and Irenicus, obviously, but they've got good names.
Imoen: You're right. I'll think some up and get back to you.

Neera: Imoen? I was thinking. Green is the opposite of red, you know?
Imoen: I wasn't aware of that, but go on.
Neera: No books on color theory at Candlekeep? Well, it's true. Green is the opposite of red. And we oppose the Red Wizards of Thay. So how about we call our magical society the Green Wizards of Amn? Zaviak would love it!
Imoen: I don't think so. We're not actually from Amn, and "green" makes us sound like druids.
Neera: You're right, you're right. Did you come up with anything?
Imoen: I thought about what our enemies have in common, and basically, they're all evil. So if we oppose them, couldn't we be simply the... Good Wizards?
Neera: Yes! We could also name our adventuring band "Adventuring Band." Meanwhile, Athkatla could start calling itself "Well-Populated City."
Imoen: Point taken. This is harder than I thought it would be.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Neera: The Soulful Wizards. The Uncowled Wizards. The Uncowled Green Wizards.
Imoen: I really don't think "green" should be a part of it, even if it is the opposite of red.
Neera: The Magical Women. The Wizards of Hope. The Witches of What.
Imoen: The Witches of What?
Neera: Yeah, I don't know where that came from. Wild surge, I guess.
Imoen: Ooh! The Sorcerers of Surge.
Neera: Sorcerers of Surge? That makes no sense. We're not sorcerers, and you don't use wild magic.
Imoen: I give up! We've spent hours working on this and have nothing.
Neera: I don't think it's a bad way to pass the time, but I suppose you're right. Let's give it a rest.
(if present in party:)
Jaheira: That sounds like a fine idea.
Korgan: And well it be, ye nattering harpies! Another day of that rot and I'd have cut out yer tongues.
Viconia: At last you insipid girls end your insipid entertainment.
Minsc: Boo and Minsc wish you found a good name! But Minsc and Boo are also not sorry you've stopped looking.
Nalia: Oh, good. I pride myself on my tolerance, but I'd not have been able to take much more.
Aerie: I could have come up with some good ones! I wish you'd asked me…
Anomen: Thus ends one of my most severe tests of duty and self-restraint.
Keldorn: I am sad to hear your prattle end. You remind me of my daughters.
Cernd: And so they cease, and I have an ear for the stream, wind, and wood again.
Haer'Dalis: My sparrows have ceased their twittering? It is good; the cat was ready to pounce.
Sarevok: Finally. Compared to you two, the shrieks of the Abyss are music to my ears.
Valygar: I have never liked the incantations of mages; their idle chatter is no better.
Dorn: Mark me, <CHARNAME>—this will be but a temporary respite. Say the word and I shall silence them permanently.
Mazzy: Arvoreen smiles on me this day.
Jan: The Landing Buttresses. The Congregation of Yams. The Pollywog Snacks. What? It's over?! Oh no!
Hexxat: We should enjoy the silence while we may.
Rasaad: Let us reflect in silence, blessed silence.

With Jaheira[]

Jaheira: I am curious, Neera. What does a wild surge feel like?
Neera: It depends. I never know what to expect. The surges are all different from each other. How does it feel when you cast spells?
Jaheira: Not the same, I am sure. I may feel wrath if the nature of my spell is violent, or calm if it is for healing. Beneath it all, I feel a oneness with nature that never changes.
Neera: Maybe it's not so different after all.
Jaheira: Why? You have this sense of oneness when you use magic?
Neera: Sort of. My mind becomes part of... something. What, I don't know—I don't think it's nature. The Weave, I guess? Or maybe chaos? But yeah, it's kind of like "oneness," except it seems more like I'm looking at it through a window. When my magic is working properly, anyway.
Jaheira: And when it's not?
Neera: A wild surge is like that window shattering into a million pieces of glass.
Jaheira: That sounds... unsafe.
Neera: I don't mind. If you've been indoors a long time, sometimes you like the feel of a cold gust of wind.
Jaheira: We are not talking about wind and windows. We are talking about power and your mind. Be careful of that glass.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Neera: Ohmigosh. Oh, Jaheira, I am so, so sorry!
Jaheira: What have you to apologize for?
Neera: A lot of things, actually, like the time I lit your hair on fire or the time I elbowed you in the stomach trying to get out of your way or—
Jaheira: What have you to apologize for NOW?
Neera: I just realized—I never said I was sorry about Khalid.
Jaheira: Thank you, Neera. I appreciate that.
Neera: I liked Khalid; he was nice. He made me soup once, when we were in Bridgefort.
Come to think of it, it was REALLY GOOD soup. You wouldn't happen to know the recipe, would you?
Er. Never mind. Not the time.

With Jan[]

Neera: Oh, Jan! That one was great. Did your Aunt Peony's second husband Lor really divide his property among his six children with a butter knife? They must have been so confused when he came to the furniture!
Korgan: (if in party) HAR HAR HAR! The furniture—with a butter knife! It's good to hear ye, gnome. Yer talk is good for every season. HAR HAR HAR!
Jan: The furniture was nothing. It was when old Lor took his knife to the big keg in the basement that his children started complaining. The basement filled up with turnip stout. Lollycook—that was the miller's one-eyed son-in-law, the one with the hedgehog (NOT the one with the sister who slew Otis Emerald's prize walking pumpkin—justifiably, too, as you've never seen a more arrogant pumpkin in your life!)—why, Lollycook came over and lapped up the stout like a thirsty animal! He couldn't stand up straight for days. Meanwhile, the children took to fighting over the six pieces of the keg. One said her piece was too small; another said his was covered with mold; still another said that her piece wasn't wet and didn't smell musty. She suspected a forgery.
Neera: How did they settle it? I'm on the edge of my seat here! Well, not literally. Imagine I'm sitting.
Jan: Settle it? You give that family too much credit. Lor died not long after. Dividing things with a butter knife is hard work, so by then he'd only made it through one eightieth of his estate. They're still feuding over the rest, as far as I know, as well as what he managed to cut up.
Neera: Moral of the story: Whether you're the Lord of Murder or Aunt Peony's second husband, having heirs is tricky business.
Jan: Yes, indeed. I don't think anybody really wants to die, do they? That's why gods and mortals alike go out of their way to make their legacies so much trouble. Unfortunately for my Aunt Peony, her third husband was even worse...

Throne of Bhaal only :

Jan: Neera, my girl, have you ever considered a career in object appropriation?
Neera: Uh, no. No. I have not.
Jan: A shame. You'd make an excellent accom—assistant.
Neera: Accom-assistant?
Jan: Indeed! With your feminine wiles and terrifying hair, you could get into almost any location!
Neera: What do you mean, terrifying hair?
Jan: Just imagine the bountiful riches, the teeth-rattling THUMP of the turnip-launcher as we make our getaway, the outraged screams...
Neera: Turnip-launcher...? Wait, no. I'm good, Jan. Thanks, but I'm just not the thieving type.
Jan: Not thievery—appropriation. The art is an age-old tradition, worthy of honor and respect!
Neera: I think I'll still have to pass.
Jan: Bugger.

With Keldorn[]

Keldorn: I walk with <CHARNAME> because I feel it is my duty to do so, Neera. You might say that my faith in Torm has guided me into <HIS/HER> company. Why do you follow <HIM/HER>? If your concern is protecting your wild mage brothers and sisters, do you believe this is truly your path?
Neera: Enough with the heavy stuff, Keldorn! I'm just trying to make it from day to day and hold myself together, and now you want me to worry about my path?! What does that even mean, anyway? Isn't my "path" the one I'm on?
Keldorn: In a manner of speaking, it is. But for many, there are two paths: the one you are on, and the one you should be on.
Neera: You think I should be somewhere else. I get it. My magic makes you uneasy.
Keldorn: No, not at all. I don't understand it, and I understand you even less, but it would trouble me greatly if you were to leave.
Neera: Awww, Keldorn! That is sweet. Really, really sweet. Especially that part about not understanding me.
Keldorn: Ha! That is what I mean. When you speak thus, you remind me of my eldest daughter. I would miss that acerbic tongue of yours!
Neera: You'd miss my tongue? Ewww.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Keldorn: See where our paths have led us, Neera? <CHARNAME> walks before us. Soon <HE/SHE> will achieve <HIS/HER> destiny. Do you still feel this path you walk is your own?
Neera: Of course! How could it not be?! I walk it, so it's my path. Even if <CHARNAME> DOES get all the attention.
Keldorn: Then you have no regrets.
Neera: I'm sure I do, somewhere. I try not to keep track of them, though. What about you? A little anxious, I take it?
Keldorn: I am not certain, and uncertainty is not something I am fond of. I think my being here is inevitable, but I am not sure it is... desirable. Much depends on our quest's outcome, but I know, deep in my heart, that the outcome is beyond my power to change.
Neera: Inevitabilities and outcomes! No offense, Keldorn, but I'm happy not to be as worried as you. I'm a little worried, maybe. About some things. But they're not keeping me up at night. Mostly.
Keldorn: I envy you.
Neera: Everything is a whirl of who-knows, but I'm certain about one thing.
Keldorn: And what is your anchor in this "whirl of who-knows," as you put it?
Neera: Have you even been listening? That the path I'm on is my own. That's all I really need.

With Korgan[]

Korgan: To hear ye carry on about yer magic, ye'd think we'd get a bloodier show when yer spellslingin' goes ugly. Ye go around pratin' about fire an' ice, an' "wild" this an' "wild" that, but the worst ye e'er do is make the milk go sour or turn some poor critter's hair as pink as yers.
Neera: Is this an "all bark, no bite" contest? Because if it is, you win.
Korgan: Oh sure, turn it around on me, ye rose-tipped willow wand. I'm a bloodthirsty dwarf who says a mouthful, sure, an' it may be that I bark both loud and long. But when I bite, I gnash! When ye bite, if bite ye do, it's a wee nibble, like what comes from a minnow's mouth.
Neera: Well, you know what they say about minnows.
Korgan: Nooo. No, I don't.
Neera: They, uh... carry a dangerous stomach parasite? So, you wouldn't want them... nibbling... because they might... give it to you?
Korgan: Utter rot an' ye know it! For one, that'd mean ye'd have t' nibble on them, hedgeling. For two, it's no good if it takes explaining.
Neera: Fine. You win.
Korgan: HAR HAR! The lass is as tongue-tied as she is magic-addled! She concedes she's the most useless, fizzle-prone, squishy-skulled mageling since the last one who died before ever shooting off a wee magic missile.
Neera: I didn't concede any of that! When I said you won, I didn't say you won reality, Korgan. Sheesh.
Korgan: Oh? Then what did I win?
Neera: The "all bark, no bite" contest. Good job! There's an "utterly useless" contest coming up—you've a good shot at winning that one, too.
Korgan: Ye don't say? Well then, lass, I hope ye're free to coach me. HAR HAR!

Throne of Bhaal only :

Korgan: What're ye mooning about, mage?
Neera: Mooning? Who said I was mooning?
Korgan: A dwarf knows moonin' when he sees it, and that, my girl, is some world-class mooning ye're doin'.
Neera: I thought the only things you cared about were food and blood.
Korgan: Ye wound me! There be plenty else I care about!
Neera: Whoring and beer?
Korgan: By the gods, lass, d'ye think I dinnae have a heart?
Neera: If you tore it still beating from the chest of an enemy, maybe.
Korgan: Har har! An' don't ye forget it!
Whatever ye're worryin' about, rip its heart out and drown it in booze. Works fer me.
Neera: That might actually be a not terrible idea. Thanks, Korgan.
Korgan: Anytime, lass.

With Mazzy[]

Mazzy: What code do you live by, Neera?
Neera: Oh, I'm not really into codes. If you want to pass on a secret message, there are spells for that. Codes SOUND like fun, but it's hard enough to communicate as it is. Why come up with ways to make it even harder?
Mazzy: That's not what I meant. I wanted to know about your ethical code—the set of beliefs that guides your actions.
Neera: My ethical code? Huh. I've never really thought about it. I guess I don't have one.
Mazzy: Then what principles guide you when you're making a hard decision?
Neera: No principles! I just work out the best thing to do.
Mazzy: But how do you determine what is best?
Neera: Gut instinct? Intuition? Rolling the dice? Drawing lots? Having inklings? Why do you care so much?
Mazzy: I care because if I were you, I would find that unsatisfying. My conscience would not be clear.
Neera: Good thing you're not me. To me, your "ethical code" doesn't seem very different from the secret codes I was talking about. It SOUNDS like a good idea, but in the end it just makes figuring things out more difficult.
Mazzy: Some things should be difficult to figure out.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Neera: Gah! Damn it!
Mazzy: Have I offended you, Neera?
Neera: No! Your stupid god has!
Mazzy: Watch your tone, girl. Arvoreen does not take insults lightly. I will not hear his name slandered!
Neera: I'm sorry, it's just—ugh! How can you NOT be angry at him?
Mazzy: Why would I? He affords me all I need and more. He would have my love and devotion even were that not true.
Neera: I don't get it. You want to be a paladin, HIS paladin. You're qualified, and you've done so much good in his name. Why would he not make you a paladin?
Mazzy: Devotion is its own reward, Neera. Yes, I aspire to be a paladin, but if it is not to be, it is not to be. There is no point in getting angry about it.
Neera: It just doesn't seem fair.
Mazzy: Life is not fair, Neera. It is just life.

With Minsc[]

Nalia: Minsc, I wanted to take a moment to say something to you.
Minsc: Boo and I always are having time to speak with our friends. Yes, no, Boo?
Nalia: Eh, yes. Well, I just wanted to say that your unwavering fight for goodness has been a great influence on me.
Minsc: And now you would like a hamster.
Nalia: What?
Minsc: Just a guess.
Nalia: Well, no, I just wanted you to know that I'm thankful for your example... perhaps excluding the hamster part of it.
Minsc: As you wish, but I couldn't imagine a Minsc without a Boo. We are two peas in a pool, two fists in a face, two feet on the floor, and too much for most villainy.

With Nalia[]

After Neera finishes her quest :

Nalia: Neera? Can you spare a moment?
Neera: I have plenty of spare moments. Of course you can have one!
Nalia: I just wanted to say I—I'm very sorry for what happened to your sanctuary. I know how it must have felt to see your dreams go up in smoke, to have your ideals shaken like that.
Neera: It wasn't just my dream—it was a dream for everyone else, too. A little grove where we could be ourselves. Don't worry about me, though—I'm feeling better now that the Order's out of the picture. And I wouldn't say my ideals have been shaken.
Nalia: Oh? You weren't quite yourself until the enclave was destroyed. An eye for an eye, of course. There's a kind of primitive justice in that. But you must still be disappointed things went—the way they went.
Neera: It wasn't my fault. Hayes was responsible.
Nalia: Of course, of course. All I'm saying—
Neera: What are you saying? I can't figure it out. You noble types sure know how to beat around the well-trimmed hedge.
Nalia: I'm sorry. I just wanted you to know I understand how it feels to have the grim realities of the world challenge your ideals. It's happened to me, too. It KEEPS happening to me, in fact.
Neera: I'm sorry to hear that. Let's move on, shall we?
Nalia: Yes. Pardon. Of course.

Throne of Bhaal only, if the previous conversation took place :

Neera: Hey, Nalia. I wanted to say sorry if I was a little short with you a while back. Not halfling short. Abrupt, you know?
Nalia: You mean about what happened in the Hidden Refuge?
Neera: Yes. It was... a sensitive topic for me.
Nalia: I know. You can blame me too: I was presumptuous to bring it up.
Neera: No, no. Looking back now, it all seems so small and quaint and unreal. With all the death and war we've seen, I don't know if there's really any such thing as safety. There's no utopia, that's for sure.
Nalia: So your ideals were shaken after all.
Neera: Yep. And every day they get shaken a little more. Soon, all that's left will be ideal soup.
Nalia: If it's any comfort, I feel the same way. Maybe we could share. We could become old women together and live on ideal soup.
Neera: The world's grim realities still challenging your ideals, huh?
Nalia: Every day.

With Rasaad[]

Neera: ...and so I asked, "Why don't you just turn it yellow?" And she laughed at me. LAUGHED. Can you imagine that?
Rasaad? Are you alright?
Rasaad: I seem to have developed something of a headache.
Neera: Oh no! I hate headaches. I remember this one time—
Rasaad: Neera, has anyone taught you the virtues of silent contemplation?
Neera: What on Toril would anyone want to contemplate silently?
Rasaad: The vastness of the cosmos? The dappled play of light and dark at dusk? What joy to be had and given in reining in our more talkative impulses?
Neera: Ah. Sorry. Sometimes I just get excited, you know, and—
Rasaad: Oh yes. I know.

Neera: I'm not sure you'll appreciate this, Rasaad, but I understand how you feel. To have led so many in a cause you believe in and seen them suffer...
Rasaad: I appreciate the sentiment, Neera. But words are no balm to the pain I feel.
Neera: Oh, I know nothing I say could stop your suffering. If either one of us ever thought that—well, we've both grown up a bit, haven't we?
Rasaad: Then why did you not leave me to my thoughts, wild mage?
Neera: Because I know how thoughts can get. Especially guilty ones. There may be no cure for your suffering, but that doesn't mean you need to make yourself suffer more.
Rasaad: Your sunny disposition would make the Mistress of Night's worshippers tremble with hate.
Neera: I've tricked one more person into thinking I have a sunny disposition.
Rasaad: You do not?
Neera: I'm not big on the brooding, but I'm no sunshine.
Rasaad: No? Not even a winter's sun that shines over a barren world and laughs at its reflection in the snow?
Neera: That doesn't sound bad. Poetic, melancholy, sublime. Yeah, that's basically me—hey! You're laughing!
Rasaad: There may be no balm in words, but there is in sympathy. Let us walk in silent sympathy for a time, Neera.

With Sarevok[]

If Sarevok is still evil :

Neera: You don't frighten me, Sarevok.
Sarevok: Ah, <CHARNAME>'s impetuous and whimsical wild mage finally speaks to me. But I don't frighten her, she says. If it's true, why must she declare it? Is she trying to convince herself of her courage, as she tries to convince herself of so many other things?
Neera: I'm standing right here, you know. I can hear you.
Sarevok: Wishful thinking on my part, I suppose. That or I'm a golem.
Neera: Wishful thinking? I bet you do a lot of that, what with your half-<BROTHER/SISTER> climbing the tree you thought only you could climb.
Sarevok: Why do you pester me, mageling?
Neera: Because you tried to kill <CHARNAME>? Because you tried to instigate a massacre on the Sword Coast? No. Because I don't trust you and want you to know it.
Sarevok: A wild mage lectures me about trust? That is rich. Why do you not pester <CHARNAME>?
Neera: Why would I?
Sarevok: Because you have less reason to trust <HIM/HER> than you do me. Because <HE/SHE> might very well—SHOULD very well—cast us all aside and become a god.
Neera: I wouldn't just be "cast aside."
Sarevok: Do you think the gods invite mortals to dinner or traipse about the countryside with them? Becoming divine means forgetting all of that. The distance 'twixt life and death is nothing compared to the gulf between mortality and godhood.
Neera: Like you know. Like you could EVER know.
Sarevok: I have learned things few have ever learned. I am no virtuous man, but I do not lie when I say I know these things to be true.

With Valygar[]

Valygar: Tame magic is dangerous enough. Your wild magic, Neera—why use it? Why endanger those around you with powers you cannot control?
Neera: Oh... uh, hi, Valygar! I thought you might ask me something like this.
Valygar: So? Is increasing your power worth more to you than the safety of your companions?
Neera: N-no? I—
Valygar: You haven't thought this through? You are as irresponsible and power-hungry as the rest!
(if present in party:)
Jaheira: Do not bully her, ranger.
Keldorn: You ask a difficult question, Valygar. Perhaps you should not expect an answer immediately.
Anomen: I am curious about this myself. I believe honor demands you answer the question, my dear lady.
Neera: I—I don't know! When you put it like that, I... Can I get back to you on this?
Valygar: Yes. Surprise me.

One day after the previous conversation :

Valygar: So, Neera? Have you considered my question? Can you tell me why using wild magic is worth risking those you care about?
Neera: Well, here's the thing. I can control it, mostly. Sometimes it slips out of my control, and you're right—then it's a risk. But usually I can make it do what I want, and usually what I want it to do is good!
Valygar: But let's say it DOES escape your control. Let's say you kill me, or you kill <CHARNAME>. Can't that happen?
Neera: It doesn't seem likely—I mean, you two are really powerful, and—
Valygar: Stop. Can it happen?
Neera: Y-yes.
Valygar: What entitles you to decide that your power is worth using, then?
Neera: I don't know. I don't know! I do it because it's who I am. I'd be a waste of air and flesh otherwise. I do it because I feel like I'd die if I didn't.
Valygar: Others might die if you do. Others will die BECAUSE you do. Think on that, girl.
(if present in party:)
Keldorn: There, there, Neera... You have made her cry, Valygar. Your question was just, but your relentless pursuit of it—
Valygar: Do not lecture me about means and ends. That is a speech she should hear, not I.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Neera: Hey, Valygar! How do you keep your braids so neat?
Valygar: Practice.
Neera: Any tips?
Valygar: No.
Neera: Right. Well.
Good chat! Let's do it again sometime.
Or, you know. Not.

With Viconia[]

Viconia: I dislike you, half-elf. Your shrill voice, your grating humor, and your childish thinking offend me.
Neera: Oh. I'm sorry to hear that...? Wait. What... what is that smell?
Viconia: I smell nothing.
Neera: By the gods, what IS that? Oh, wait, Viconia, it's just you. For a moment I thought <CHARNAME> had picked up a powerful cheese while I wasn't looking.
Viconia: You are ridiculous. Were it not for <CHARNAME>, you would be dead. I do not smell like cheese.
Neera: It's not bad, just a little pungent. Maybe you picked up the scent when you still worshipped Lolth? They say she lives in the Demonweb Pits. A place with that kind of name probably doesn't smell very pleasant.
Viconia: Be glad I do not still follow Lolth; if I did, you would be dying a painful death right now.
Neera: All right, Viconia, let me be direct for a second. You like directness, right? You started this conversation, and you started it by insulting me. "I dislike you." That's what you said.
Do you really think people will listen to anything you have to say when you talk to them like that? You called me childish. Is it less childish to threaten me? Yeah, really reasonable and adult.
Viconia: This conversation is over.
Neera: Good. Because you smell, and the smell is only getting stronger.

With Yoshimo[]

Yoshimo: Tell me about yourself, Neera. Is your tale as wild as your magic?
Neera: My tale? Well, I come from the High Forest in the north. My childhood was pretty wild, I guess. Ever seen a korred?
Yoshimo: I have never even heard of such a thing.
Neera: Well, korreds are about the size of halflings, but unlike halflings, they usually wear absolutely nothing. It doesn't really matter, though, because their body hair grows really fast and covers everything up. They're not too friendly, but their dances are a hoot.
Yoshimo: Fascinating. Great wonders lie on either end of the Golden Way. You have seen these korreds—perhaps even danced with them?
Neera: Once or twice. Once you start, you can't stop. You can even die doing it—so it came pretty naturally to me.

After the previous conversation :

Yoshimo: Tell me of the High Forest, Neera.
Neera: The High Forest? It's very, very big.
Yoshimo: Ah, so is the magnificent nation of Shou Lung. Amn would be but a province there, Athkatla but a neighborhood in one of its great cities.
Neera: I don't know how the High Forest compares, but like I said, it's big. There are places no one goes—or no one good, anyway. There were thickets as dark as night, and glades full of sunshine. I miss it sometimes.
Yoshimo: Seeing nature's checkerboard of dark and light is lovely indeed. Why did you leave?
Neera: I was banished.
Yoshimo: Both of us accompany <CHARNAME> with heavy hearts. But come! There is much work to be done.