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Necre is a vicious, cannibalistic Halfling Necromancer from Athas who awaits the party along with fellow halflings and now resides within the Furnace Room inside of the Planar Sphere.


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Different scripts are used for this creature's combat actions in the BG2 original game versus BG2EE. The EE version is discussed on this page.

Upon initiation of hostilities (usually because Necre has been attacked or detects a party member), the mage has a scripted array of spells that do not match up very well with the memorized spells in the InfoBox, and the script is actually going to do different things, so just basically ignore the spells shown in that listing in terms of planning a response. It will not ever attempt to cast over half of those spells, and it has other spells in the script that are not memorized.

The mage's opening spell move will first attempt an Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting on the first detected intruder in range. At the same time, his partner Taibela will be doing instant preparatory buffs. The two Halfling Warrior (Athas) in the room with both mages will charge ahead and attack with their morning stars.

After this, the mage will attempt to cast Ghoul Touch on self and engage in touch attacks, as well as to protect itself with Spirit Armor. Necre will also try a Confusion (wizard) spell cast and then apply Mirror Image to self. If the battle is still ongoing a Flesh to Stone and then Hold Person (wizard) will be attempted at the nearest detected target. More self-buffs may be attempted further into the battle. If any hostile summoned creatures are detected a Death Spell will be tried to banish them.

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Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Sword Coast Stratagems mod revises this creature with a new default AI script, and especially with the "Smarter Mages" component installed. An entire reworked spell book is memorized, and spell choices are changed as well. The mage retains the Necromancer kit, and spell casting choice will naturally be favoring that school.

Necre will open up with a group of (previously cast) protective buffs including: Minor Globe of Invulnerability, Spell Deflection, SI: Abjuration, Shield (spell), Protection From Normal Missiles, and Stoneskin.

Will then launch its prepared Spell Sequencer to apply Minor Spell Deflection, Stoneskin and Spirit Armor on self. Necre will continue to self-buff, attempting to cast Mantle (or Prismatic Mantle with Spell Revisions).

The mage will now respond with offensive and disabling spells, perhaps even Undead summons, based up the AI's threat assessment scripting. It will be variable depending on the party's actions and their protections.

With the Spell Revisions mod installed, Necre's spell use will the SR versions. Expect a gated "Death Knight", which may teleport without error into the midst of the party, especially if the door to the Furnace Room has been shut, and the party has retreated away. The party can run but cannot hide.

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