The Nashkel store is a simple store, with various ordinary items.

This is also the best place to sell your Winter Wolf pelts. If you have any on you the merchant will offer to buy them from you as soon as you speak with him.

Buy, Sell and StealEdit

The storekeeper here buys weapons, armor, gems and scrolls. He will not buy ammunition, wands, potions or books. 

Item Price [Gold Piece IMISC0700000 Item icon BG1]
Battle Axe 5
Throwing Axe (x5) 5
Club 1
Flail 16
Mace 8
Morning Star 11
Composite Long Bow 112
Long Bow 84
Short Bow 33
Dagger 2
Darts (x10) 1
Halberd 11
War Hammer 2
Sling 1
Spear 1
Quarter Staff 1
Bastard Sword 28
Long Sword 16
Short Sword 11
Two Handed Sword 56
Heavy Crossbow 56
Light Crossbow 39
Arrows (x20) 1
Bolts (x20) 1
Bullets (x20) 1
Chain Mail 84
Splint Mail 89
Leather Armor 5
Plate Mail 672
Small Shield 3
Medium Shield 7
Large Shield +1 2240
History of the Fateful Coin 2


The storekeeper here will identify ...


This is the first merchant since the Candlekeep Inn that has a Steal menu. It contains everything that is on the Buy and Sell menu.