Ar4800worldmap Nashkel is one of the areas from the World Map.

Nashkel is a small town just inside the northern border of Amn. Upon entering Nashkel, Chapter One is completed and Chapter Two begins.

Side questsEdit

Joseph's WifeEdit

The wife of a local miner asks the party to keep an eye out for any sign of her husband, who went missing in the mines.

Oublek the Bounty OfficerEdit

Oublek mistakes Gorion's Ward or a member of their party for the renowned bounty hunter, Greywolf, offering them payment for a job "they" completed.

Prism's EmeraldsEdit

The sculptor, Prism, has stolen some emeralds to complete his masterpiece, and Oublek wants you to track him down.

Recovering Captain BrageEdit

Captain Brage of the Nashkel Guard has gone mad and set off on a killing spree, and he must be either put down or cured of his insanity.

Troubles in the RegionEdit

The mayor of Nashkel needs someone to solve the terrible problems at the mines.


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Assassination attemptsEdit

Other significant eventsEdit


Companions Edit

NPCs Edit

Note: When playing the original Baldur's Gate complete with its expansion Tales of the Sword Coast, all farmers go by the name Lahl instead, who actually is a specific farmer from the Isle of Balduran. This is not the case when playing the original game without its expansion or the Enhanced Edition.

Notable lootEdit

Reputation trapEdit

If you are in Nashkel and your reputation is lower than 4, you will be attacked by bounty hunters. Depending on your reaction, you may be able to pay your way out of a fight.

Trivia Edit

  • The game files use – partially – a different spelling for the town's name: "Nashkell". This can, for example, be seen on the road signs between Beregost and Nashkel. The established name, however, uses only a single "l".[1] Interestingly the wrong spelling was carried over to the German translation of the game, although the town in German lore is spelled the same way as in English.


References Edit

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