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Nadinal is a Conjurer cohort of Galvarey inside Galvarey Estate at the Athkatla Docks during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign. He is only found during a Companion Quest when Jaheira is Summoned to the Harper Hold.

When Gorion's Ward and Jaheira first encounters Nadinal he is waiting, along with Galvarey and three more cohorts, Bessen, Iko and Kail, just inside of the front door of Galvarey's Estate. He has no dialog; Galvarey does all the talking.


When combat inevitably starts, Nadinal's first action is to cast Mirror Image and Protection from Normal Missiles. Given a chance, he calls in aid with Conjure Lesser Earth Elemental, Animate Dead and Monster Summoning II before he starts firing off up to three castings of Magic Missile (5 missiles each).

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  • Players should receive 10,000 XP for killing Nadinal, but instead receive no indication of any XP in the status area of the user interface when "Death" is reported. This is due to the CRE file having 10000 in the wrong field ("Experience"), while the "XP for Kill" field is set to 0.