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NISHRUU.ITM is an undroppable melee weapon used by the Nishruu and Hakeashar creatures.


It is considered a non-magical and unenchanted item and deals no damage, with a range of one foot, and speed factor of 0.

If the weapon lands a successful hit upon a target it applies two effects:

The first effect is to drain item charges (using Opcode 243). The coding for this attack means that items matching the 'Item Type' value on the targeted creature(s) will have their charges drained. It is coded so that Magical items including weapons will be drained of their charges. One charge will be drained from each item, per hit.

This includes items equipped by the target, and in the quick item use slots (such as wands or similar items). Items just sitting in the backpack slots or within a container (like a Gem Bag or Bag of Holding won't be touched).

The second effect is to drain Wizard spells from the target (using Opcode 244). Drains spells from a wizard's memory. This effect always drains the highest-level possible spell first and drains the number set by the Number to Drain parameter. The weapon is set to drain 1 spell per hit.

The item also has a passive power that protects the user from the 5th wizard level spell Lower Resistance.

Mod Content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Spell Revisions mod makes changes to the Nishruu creature summoned by the spell Summon Nishruu. The mod also revises this weapon item used by the creature.

It is now a +3 enchanted item that provides a -3 THAC0 bonus to hit. Any hit on a target does the same as the unmodified weapon, plus it applies a 3 round Feeblemindedness effect that can't be resisted or blocked, although a Saving throw vs. spells will negate.

The item also provides passive extra immunities to the Nishruu that were not provided to the original creature (some coding omissions probably). This weapon makes the Nishruu immune to both Lower Resistance and Pierce Magic. It also provides complete immunity to Poison and Poison damage.

The last change made is the item furnishes the creature with a passive Detect Illusion percentage, that is always on, with a 20% chance of working per round. Any illusions in range of detection will be destroyed with a 20% chance of success - checked once per round.