Baldur's Gate Wiki

This area is technically part of Spellhold.

The party is transported to this area, to face a hostile group of creatures in battle, for the purpose of testing the resolve, clarity and inner workings of the party's mind. If the creatures are defeated the party will eventually be transported back to another examination chamber, only to be presented with further test questions. This is part of the Escaping the asylum quest.

Note:This area may never be encountered, and is entirely "missable", as it can only be experienced based on the party's dialogue responses during the various tests to leave Spellhold.


The area will be a location that the party is transferred to by the Apparition, depending on how they replied to statements and questions in the Kobold Room (Spellhold Test) and possibly other tests administered by the Apparition in ither areas.

As soon as the party arrives in a cloud animation, the various creatures will attack detected party members. Innate spells will be launched by the mephits, and Confusion (innate) from the myconids. The Greater Otyugh will start flailing its diseased tentacles in melee range.

Once the hostile beings are dispatched, another appearance of the Apparition takes place. He initiates dialogue and says:

"Now comes a test of sense. A test... to see if madness... pollutes..." - and then asks a riddle, "'Twas in the wood that I got it, so I sat me down to seek it. I could not find it no matter how hard I looked, and so I took it home with me. What is it?"

The party is presented with a menu of dialogue reply options:

The party can refuse to answer the riddle and say "Do not taunt me with nonsense! I will answer such insults with violence!" - The Apparition responds: "Hostility is dangerous in the face of the confused or irrational. You will receive a proper response, and your path grows harder."

Note:The threatening speech means the party will be transported to the Cave (Spellhold Test).

If the party selects the correct answer to the riddle, the Apparition remarks:

"Clarity! You see through a muttering to pull the single piece of intelligence within... a sign of sanity? Or of understanding madness? More questions amidst the secret places!"
Note:With the correct answer to the riddle, the Apparition transfers the party to the Elven Table while Spellhold Test area. See that page for what transpires next.

If the party gives the incorrect answer to the riddle, the Apparition says:

"You have answered madness with inaccuracy, a dangerous thing to do. If you do not understand the ravings, best that you ignore them. But then, you are likely deranged yourself. I will adjust my perceptions accordingly. Now, to punishment. The path grows more difficult."
Note:With the incorrect answer to the riddle, the Apparition transports the party to the Cave (Spellhold Test). Hostiles await.

If the party selects "What is this? I do not understand your question." the Apparition replies:

"Then you are right not to answer. It was but a sprig of madness, a lapse of reason. I will ask a proper question of you. Here, among the filth and bile of the mire where your hostility and foolishness has led you, what do you see? What springs from this muck to your mind?" - this brings up a new menu of potential dialogue replies. The party can then select from a menu of answers:

"I refuse to answer your questions. You have no business knowing my mind.". - The Apparition replies: "I offer civilized discourse, and you counter with obstinance. Unfortunate. Your path is the hard one." - Transported to Cave (Spellhold Test).

"A primitive place, of no use to me. I would spend no more time here than I must." - The Apparition replies: "Far too dismissive. You show inflexibility. Not desirable. The path will be harder still." - Transported to Cave (Spellhold Test).

"The land around this place would be fertile. It is not to be discounted." - The Apparition replies: "You see a wider part of the picture. Such focus is good. Perhaps you are not lost after all. The path grows easier." - Transported to Crushing Trap Room (Spellhold Test).

"It smells. What else would you have me make note of?" - The Apparition replies: "Nothing more than you would see. Such a narrow view is not good. You could be prone to fixation. The path grows harder." - Transported to Cave (Spellhold Test).

"A useless mire. Fill it in that it might be better appreciated." - The Apparition replies: "Dismissive, but proactive. I will allow the answer, though my judgment is subjective. The path is a little easier." - Transported to Crushing Trap Room (Spellhold Test).

If Cernd is in the party, the party won't even have an opportunity to select any desired answers. When the main question is asked "What springs from this muck to your mind?" Cernd replies "If I might, it is the most basic of land", the Apparition asks "Is it? " - Cernd explains, "Within are stagnant smells and shades, but all around would bloom. A mire is useful in the proper place. <CHARNAME> would voice this better, of that, I'm sure." The apparition will respond:

"Your voice does well enough. Wisdom and clarity speak well of sanity. Your path is somewhat easier now. Proceed."
Note:With this Cernd interjection the Apparition transports the party to the Crushing Trap Room (Spellhold Test). See the link.