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Myconids are fungoid, sentient creatures that are lawful neutral aligned. They are most often found in caves or other subterranean locations, but they may appear above ground in rare circumstances, as exposure to direct sunlight will kill them within an hour. They have a somewhat humanoid appearance with a red-capped mushroom head and a yellowish-brown colored central stem with a pair of arm-like limbs protruding from below their caps and a pair of legs that extend from below the stump. In their natural setting, they may react with hostility if a stranger approaches. They use no weapons nor carry any treasure.


The Myconid innately casts a single target Confusion (innate) spell at the closest detected enemy and repeat this approximately every two rounds until they are unable to. See the link for details.

In melee, they also utilize the same attack weapon as the Umber Hulk, inflicting 3d4 crushing damage plus strength bonus. The attack is equivalent to a +3 enchanted item for the purpose of what it can strike. The Myconid can strike twice per round.

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Mod content[]

Installation of the Sword Coast Stratagems Mod makes some changes to this creature. They have an SCS script to help the creature behave more intelligently in combat situations, such as not targeting enemies protected from Confusion, or if already in a confused state, and going after weakened or injured enemies as a priority, not attacking creatures in melee with Fire Shield up and active and that sort of thing.


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