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My Missed Fortune is a side quest in Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear.


Automatically acquired once Gorion's Ward has returned to the Ducal Palace during the prologue.


Speak with Ophyllis in the basement of the Ducal Palace, discovering he has lost all your gold by wagering on dog races. Regardless of the conversation choices, he hurries off, promising to have your gold when you meet him outside the walls of the palace.

However, once contact is again made, it is discovered that he has been brutally robbed, though he heard one of robbers mention they could return to the Three Old Kegs now. Traveling to said inn, a group consisting of Berahli, Hastus, Ozil, and three Refugees can be found around a large meal.

If confronted, there are three possible outcomes:

  • They can be forgiven, for which Ozil will offer your her dead husband's Battle Axe +1.
  • They can be forgiven but convinced to turn themselves into the Flaming Fists, garnering 750 XP, after which they will show up in the cells at the Flaming Fist Headquarters.
  • They can be provoked into fighting, which will turn all of them, plus the three unnamed Refugees hostile. Killing them will reward the previously mentioned battle axe, some random gold, and non-enchanted weapons.

Ophyllis will not be seen again until after the bridge encounter in the Coast Way Crossing, showing up once you return to camp. He continues to apologize and gives you a Gold Bust as partial payment for your lost coins, then leaves.

In Chapter Ten after the attack on the Coalition Camp, Ophyllis will be found at the entrance, fatally impaled with Ophyllis's Short Sword, which he managed to gasp out was due to being waylaid by Crusaders, who took Gorion's Ward's gold.

During Chapter Eleven, a locked chest can be found at Dragonspear Castle (in the southwest room) with gold and a letter from Ophyllis thanking you for your patience.

To be continued...