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A Mugger is a general term for anyone who attacks to rob or "to beat strike the face" (i.e., the mug, in pugilism and perhaps influenced by Thieves' Cant "a dupe, fool, or sucker"). Muggers may be found in any number of places during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign.


These muggers are dual-classed Fighter/Thieves, protected by Studded Leather and a good Dexterity (-2 AC bonus). They can either melee with a Short Sword or attack at range with a Light Crossbow and mundane Bolts (×20). He is worth 1,000 XP and can be looted for average random treasure.


  • Despite being thieves by class, these muggers do not have any thief skills (all are set to 0). However, they can still inflict back stabbing damage appropriate to their experience level (assuming they hit while hidden or invisible, and use weapons suitable for back stabbing).