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The Morn Ritual scroll is the first of three scrolls located within the Ruined Temple that provide clues to the three-part Holy Ritual test.


The Holy Ritual test is a ritual that, when performed correctly, will allow the party to acquire one of three symbol pieces that make up the Symbol of Amaunator. The symbol is needed to unlock the magically-warded door to the Lair of the Dark One.


This scroll is a tutorial for the morning prayer ritual of a follower of the sun god Amaunator.

Know, my children, that when the holy rays strike the earth and dawn flows across the land like music, thou must offer the Morn Ritual that is pleasing to mine eyes and ears. Malign the Ritual at thy peril. Perform it only as I have written.

(The first part of the ritual is smudged out. Perhaps you could deduce the action if you had the scrolls for the noon and evening rituals.)

2) Hold the Holy Tome up to the Sun, and my Power shall bless it. 3) Reflect as thou perceive the victory of Light over the Dark.

These are the things that please me.


The scroll is found in a circular column in the room with the inlaid small-tiled floor mural.

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