The Mordenkainen's Sword spell creates a flying sword ally to fight alongside the party. Those Swords are immune to all forms of damage except magical.


Upon casting this spell, the wizard brings into being a shimmering, sword-like plane of force that leaps into the wizard's hands. The sword acts as a +4 weapon in all respects and deals 5d4 points of damage upon hitting a target. Once the spell is cast, the sword will float in the air completely under the caster's control. This does not prevent the caster from doing any other actions during the spell's duration.

Gameplay Edit

Tips Edit

  • Probably the best tanking summon in game; dispatch the hostile counterparts effectively by Death Spell or Death Fog, more ways of kill it includes excessive magic type damages, level drain, ability score drain except int, disintegrate, imprisonment, and all insta-kill effects
  • Known hostiles capable of using this spell: Lanneth from Neera's quest in Shadows of Amn,

Detailed status Edit

Ability scores Combat Defenses Immunities
  • HD10
  • HP36
  • Str12
  • Dex9
  • Con9
  • Int25
  • Wis9
  • Cha18
  • Apr1
  • THAC010
  • Enchantment 5, 1ft, 5d4+4 slashing, SF1
  • AC-20
  • STD8/W10/P9/B9/S11
  • 100% resist to fire, cold, electricity, acid, slash, crush, missile, poison dmg
Web, entangle, paralyze, stun, sleep, hold, charm, fear, blindness, feeblemindness, disease, deafness, confusion, petrification, polymorph, int modification, Sphere of Chaos, psionic attacks, poison

Where to obtain its scrollEdit

The Black Pits II: Gladiators of ThayEdit

Shadows of AmnEdit

Throne of BhaalEdit