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Moon Dog Sight (SPIN696) is an innate ability available to Cerebus and Aranthis. The ability is initiated via script by the AI, or by player activation if it is from the Moon Dog.


Moon Dog Sight

The moon dog can see through (and therefore dispel) all forms of illusion and invisibility, detecting traps and evil in the vicinity.


The effect is directed at the caster only.

The ability is cast as normal or by other means by script (such as ApplySpell, ForceCast or ReallyForceCast).

The magic removes all Illusion School spell effects that are up to Power level 5, instantly in the area of effect.

Additionally, all creatures in the AoE that are evil Alignment are identified with a colored indicator, lasting 1 turn.

Any traps that aren't exactly set as 100 difficulty are identified on the map for 60 seconds.

The innate spell is Power level 3 and can be dispelled.