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Moon Dog Howl (SPIN891) is an innate ability available to Cerebus. The ability is initiated via script by the AI, or by the player when controlling the creature.


Moon Dog Howl

Damages and instills fear in enemies who are evil while also dispelling fear and casting Protection From Evil on party members.


The effect is directed at the caster only.

The ability is cast with a speed of 2 or by other means by script (such as ApplySpell, ForceCast or ReallyForceCast).

The magic behaves as a typical Wizard's Protection From Evil (wizard) arcane spell on the caster and any party members in the area of effect.

Additionally, the caster and party members in the AoE are cured of Panic/Fear effects, as well as morale break, and also protected from further exposure as if they had a Remove Fear spell upon them.

Enemy creatures with an Evil Alignment that are located in the Area of effect of the Howl are potentially affected in a couple of ways.

First, evil creatures are exposed to 5 Magical damage initially when the spell manifests, which can be negated with a Saving throw vs. Spells with a -2 penalty. It also can be blocked by Magic resistance. After a delay of 6 and 12 seconds later the same exposure occurs, with the same saving throw to negate.

Secondly, evil creatures are also exposed to a Moral Break effect that lasts 60 seconds, which can be prevented with a save vs. spells with a -2 penalty or blocked by magic resistance. Creatures immune to morale changes are not affected, such as most Undead or Fiends.

The innate spell is Power level 6 and can be dispelled.


This spell has been identified as needed some work to get it to behave correctly. The spell uses an indiscriminate projectile, it can also hit non-enemy creatures if they're evil. The Projectile it uses for damage and fear effects should be changed from 94 to 159. There are some other coding issues that are planned to revise as well with this spell, and it is listed for updating in the upcoming EEFP - Enhanced Edition Fix Pack.