Monster Summoning II summons a random selection of moderately powerful monsters.


This spell is much like the 3rd-level Monster Summoning I spell, except that this spell summons 4-HD monsters. There is a 60% chance of receiving one monster and a 40% chance of receiving two monsters. These monster(s) appear within spell range and attack the spellcaster's opponents until the spell duration expires or until they are slain.


Usage notesEdit

This spell will summon either Hobgoblins, Wolves, or Gnoll Elites. The Hogblins are most desirable due to their bows, followed by the Wolves who haave increased footspeed. These monsters are effective meatshields, with enough toughness to absorb damage from lesser enemies without dying and enough morale to hold ground against deadlier foes. Monster Summoning II is the ideal Monster Summoning spell to use. It does not have much competition for use among the Level 4 spells, unlike Monster Summoning I which must be used in lieu of Fireball, Flame Arrow, Haste or Ghost Armor, and Monster Summoning III which competes against Cloudkill. The monsters have more offense and staying power than the Monster Summoning I summons, but are more flexible than the melee-only Monster Summoning III summons. However, a wand is preferred if the player has access to it.

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