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This Monk of Oghma is a seeker of knowledge inside the Temple of Oghma at the Athkatla Docks during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign.

I am here to strive for greater knowledge, to bask in the great inspiration that is the will of Oghma.


On average days, the monk doesn't have much to say, except what you would expect to hear from an adherent of Oghma.

We seek to spread knowledge and to curb falsehood and rumor...especially with regards to history. The things that are studied in the Oghmanyte orders are far beyond most people's comprehension. We shall teach time. Praise be to the Lord of Knowledge!

However, under certain extraordinary circumstances he has a few more remarkable comments, which occur if the party has the body of either Aerie, Anomen, Jaheira or Viconia in inventory, as a result of vampirism.[1]

"Have you come seeking wisdom from the Binder of What is Known? The Wise God stands ready."

"A friend is afflicted by vampirism.  An old book suggested that followers of Oghma might know something about that."

"I fear I have no knowledge of the subject, though I did once glance through a text on the subject.  It was quite ancient. I believe it was bought from a dealer in the Umar Hills region, but unfortunately it and several other books on Vampirism went missing some time ago. A pity.  As I recall, one of those books actually outlined the process of curing a vampire that was not too long afflicted.  Ahh, you can turn to books for any knowledge."