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Mizhena's Amulet is a side quest given by Mizhena in Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear.


Mizhena may talk about an issue regarding her father Urold when she is in the Dragonspear Castle Exterior area. Two mutually exclusive scenarios may lead her to raise the topic with Gorion's Ward. The scenario that will effectively unfold in any given playthrough depends on the moment in time when the party returned Mizhena's Amulet, as part of an earlier quest. If the amulet is returned in the Dragonspear Castle Exterior area after Chapter Eleven's big battle, then Mizhena will immediately follow with her father's quest. If, on the other hand, the amulet was returned earlier, Mizhena will only hand out this quest if she sees the party as friends. Mizhena's friendship can only be secured outside of the Dragonspear Castle Exterior area — see the Mizhena's Amulet quest walkthrough for details.

Warning:If the party does not return the amulet, or returns it early and without acquiring Mizhena's friendship, Mizhena will celebrate Chapter Eleven's victory without mentioning her father's condition and this quest will be lost.


Once the battle outside Dragonspear Castle is over, Mizhena will wander around the castle courtyard so, initially, players won't be able to talk to her until she stops walking for the first time. If the conditions for quest acquisition are met, she will trust the party to find her father, Urold, who must be imprisoned somewhere on the map.

Urold is located northwest of the area (1682, -137). The entrance is guarded by a group of hostile level 12 mercenaries. Up ahead, there will be a dead end where there are four prisoners, one of these being Mizhena's father. They are all guarded by two dogs and a level 8 fighter named Therli.

Once Therli and her dogs are eliminated, Urold approaches the player to thank him for the rescue. No matter which option Gorion's Ward chooses, it will end up asking him about his identity, linking him to Mizhena. Urold can become hostile if at the end of the conversation you choose the third dialogue option that states: "I think not. A follower of Tempus proud of wasting in a cage? You disgust me and you shall not live to see my day's end."

Killing Urold in any way, even after finishing neutral dialogue with him, will lose the rewards of the quest in exchange for 420 XP for his death (in addition to 5,000 XP for his release if he is not verbally attacked).

Head to the central area of the castle courtyard to speak to Mizhena, who may be standing somewhere or wandering around the area, and notify her that her father has been freed to receive a reward of 2500 XP and the morning star Blazing Glory +3.


I should look for Mizhena's father among the crusade prisioners
I have gained Mizhena's trust, and in response, she's asked me to look for her father among the crusaders. Apparently he was taken prisioner when his band of soldiers attacked the keep.

I found Mizhena's father, alive, and can tell her the news.
I found Mizhena's father alive within Dragonspear Castle's courtyard. I was able to free him as well as the other prisioners. Mizhena will want to hear the news.

I told Mizhena that I found her father
I shared the news of her father with Mizhena to her great relief. She was gone to find him.

I can tell Mizhena of her father's death.
I found Mizhena's father within the castle's courtyard, but I slew him for my own reasons. I can tell Mizhena this news if I wish.

I told Mizhena her father had died.
Mizhena's father as died at my hand. I told Mizhena that he no longer lived and she left to shearch for her father's body.