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Mizhena is a true neutral human fighter/cleric. She is a priest of Tempus and joins the fight against the Crusade. Throughout Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear she functions as a mobile temple who will travel along with the Flaming Fist and later the Coalition.


Buy and Sell[]

She only offers regular temple services. The shop is handled by Quartermaster Belegarm.

Healing Price GP
Cure Light Wounds 25
Dispel Magic 200
Remove Curse 500
Cure Medium Wounds 50
Cure Disease 300
Cure Serious Wounds 75
Neutralize Poison 300
Lesser Restoration 750
Cure Critical Wounds 100
Raise Dead 1000

Related Quests[]


The player can choose to engage Mizhena in a series of dialogues.

"I am Mizhena, faithful of Tempus. Praise the Lord of Battles!"

  • 1. "The Lord of Battles?"
  • 2. "Mizhena? That's an unusual name. I don't think I've heard it before."
  • 3. "Praise him, praise him! Have you any healing or potions for sale?"
  • 4. "Battles are for fighting, not worshiping. I'm off to find one."

  • 1. "The Lord of Battles?"

"Tempus, the lord of strength at arms and military might, will lead us to victory!"

  • 1.1 "I'm sure he will. Do you have any healing or potions I could purchase?"
  • 1.2 "I need to go."

"Quartermaster Belegarm handles supplies. I may be able to help with cleric services though. The Lord of Battle's favor is a handy thing to have, especially in times like these." → (Opens temple shop)

  • 2. "Mizhena? That's an unusual name. I don't think I've heard it before."'

"When I was born, my parents thought me a boy and raised me as such. In time, we all came to understand I was truly a woman. I created my new name from syllables of different languages. All have special meaning to me, it is the truest reflection of who I am."

  • 2.1 "Thank you for sharing your story with me. I have another question for you." → 1.1 & 1.2


  • Mizhena is the first and only official transgender character in the series.

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