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Mistress Jeanne is the proprietor of the Pleasure Tent outside the walls of Trademeet.

If ya wants to go strapping with this nab, you'll first have ta give up the socket money. Are you interested in some thrills, darling?

Before Dealing with the Trademeet genies, and while Wilfred the Red is still within the tent, Jeanne says:

"Greetings to you, patron. I am Mistress Jeanne, proprietor of this pleasure tent. If you are intent on hiring a companion and taking advantage of our services... you have come at a poor time."

"The genies that have come to our poor town have deprived almost everyone of coin. I have had to send most of my girls away for lack of customers."

"All we have left is this... this Wilfred fellow. He claims to have killed a dragon, which is far from likely. My girl tells me the man is built like a pair of twigs and couldn't lift a sword, never mind wield one."

"But he has coin, at least, unlike every other soul in this town. And he has hired my last girl, Annalynn, for his exclusive use. Sorry to disappoint."

After business gets back to normal, she explains that Annalynn has taken some time off, but she has "you to thank for the lack of the genie yoke upon this town.  That is good.  Already, I have had inquiries from customers who wish to return."


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