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A Mist Mephit is an extra-planar "outsider" (i.e., linked to various Elemental, Quasi-Elemental and Outer planes of existence). These creatures are similar to Imps, and are found in a number of areas during the Baldur's Gate II games.


A Mist Mephit can attack twice per round in melee for 1d3 slashing damage. It also has the innate Mist Ball ability.

The mephit will initiate the Mist Ball attack, which launches a sparkling projectile at a target in range and it deals 1d4+1 magical damage. In addition, the attack obscures the target's vision, and induces a Blindness status effect lasting 10 seconds. A Saving throw vs. Breath Attack will negate the magical energy damage, but there is no save against the blindness effect.

The Mist Mephit can attempt this innate ability as soon as an enemy is detected and if within range. After the initial launch, at least two rounds may pass before attempting another one. After every 5 rounds after the initial launch, the creature reevaluates the available targets and starts the cycle over, although it is unlikely the fragile creature will survive that long, as the mephit is also scripted to engage in melee combat as well.

The Mist Mephit has no magic, physical damage or elemental resistance. The InfoBox summarizes their special abilities and immunities to certain status effects. The game has the creature with a memorized Blur spell but it isn't scripted to use it, so it is probably just a developer creature file copy-paste remnant.


Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn[]


The game files provide for a Mist Mephit familiar, however this type is not implemented for use in an unmodified game.

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